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Hi,China tsctitle_upHuangshan Two-Day Tour / Ticket + Guide / 2 Days

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Commonly the price includes

  • Charter bus
  • Guide
  • sightseengs ticket

The price excludes

  • Hotel
  • flight or train
  • meal
  • Personal consume during the trip
  • Lost due to Force Majeure as earthquake, natural disaster, strike, wars, etc

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Mostly the room style is twin room for two people. If you select the Traveler option for odd number of person, the price may change a bit.

Places to Go



Day 1 Huangshan

Our Elish-speaking guide will call you one day in advance to confirm the meeting time.

07:30 a.m.

You'll be picked up at the lobby of Huangshan International Hotel (Add:No.31 Huashan Road Tunxi District, Huangshan City), 

please arrange yourself arriving beforehand.

08:30-09:00 a.m.

Bus to the Huangshan Scenic Area transfer center, where you are arranged on shuttle bus riding to the Yungu cable station. 

You can take Yungu cable car at your own expense: CNY 80/pp.

09:30-16:30 p.m.
Visit: the White Goose Peak, the Beginning-to-Believe Peak , Black Tiger pine, etc.
Enjoy lunch on top of the mountain (at your own expense). 
Visit: the Cloud-dispelling Pavilion ,the Flying-over Rock, the Bright Summit, and the Xihai Grand Canyon. etc.
Stay overnight at the hotel you've arranged located on the top of Mt. Huangshan (at your own expense).
Hotels on mountain top (forreference only): Huangshan Shilin Hotel |Beihai Hotel | Xihai Hotel |

•  Please note: Your guide will assist you to store big suitcase in your hotel in Tunxi for free. You will collect it on your way back. 

You may also store the luggage at the foot of the mountains. The cost is about CNY20 per case.

Day 2 Huangshan

Whether you are lucky to see the sunrise with your guide will be decided by the weather.
Visit: the Lion Peak, a monkey gaping at the sea, the flower grown out of a writing brush rock, etc.

11:00 a.m.  

Start to descend the mountain by foot or you can take Yungu cable car at your own expense: CNY 80/pp.

12:30-14:00 p.m.

Return to Huangshan city. Happy end on the day of the trip!

•  Please note: We recommend you book a train/flight leaving Huangshan City after 14:00 PM.
Travel profile: About 5+3 hours for tour in the Mountain, 2.5 hours for traffic.

Price Includes
Entrance fees and transportation as indicated above. Professional English speaking guide

Hotel & Transportation
1.Our receipts are from travel agency, they are sent to your address in 2 working days; when customer are getting a hotel receipt, we are delivering in 28 working days after applying.
2.Price on this page is for travelers in pairs, for those who are traveling in odd numbers, prices are different.
3.It is the price with as least 15 days booking before your departure.
4.When customers finished paying for package, that started the process of our booking, please set the confirmation letter as the final confirmation.
5.Prices of flights & hotels varies often, we will guarantee instant price before booking.
6.When package is denied to use because of customer's cheating, we are receiving 100% of the order as penalty.
7.According to Chinese aviation rules, customers have to bring valid ID certificates(passport) when traveling.
8.Flight number may be uncertain, and it will be confirmed after connected to customer services.
9.Flights and hotels are discount ones, once ordered that cannot be cancelled.

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