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Wish you were here, Guilin
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It's just as magnificent as its famous Beijing rival -- but without the crowds. Wish you were here--Guilin.

Few are aware of Guilin's glorious royal history and its very own -- crowd-free -- Forbidden City, the opulent complex of Jingjiang Princes' City. More than 50 classically styled buildings sit inside its 1.5-kilometer-long perimeter wall. It's dominated by Solitary Beauty Peak (Duxiu Feng), a 216-meter-tall limestone outcrop topped by a temple. You can find it listed as the fourth highlight in the Guilin Guidebook of hi China travel.

Jing Jiang Wangcheng(靖江王城, Jing Jiang Palace). Kings of Jingjiang was descedants of Emperor of Ming Empire, different from system in Europe, Kings in China is more similar with an honorary King rather than a seignior, since they do not have the right to govern the local area. The first Jingjiang King was set for Zhu Shouqian, nephew of the first Ming Emperor, Zhu Yuanzhang (朱元璋) and his palace lasted around 257 years. This palace was burned down during the Manchu invasions but soon restored by local people. Now it is a great sample of South China style architecture of Ming Dynasty(16th century). Address: 1, Wangcheng Rd, Guilin City桂林市秀峰区王成路1号 Ticket:130 Yuan, including Du Xiu Mount and Jingjiang Opening Hours:08:30-17:30 Transportation: Bus Route 1/22/99/10 at Mid-Zhongshan Road(中山中路站) Suggested Visiting Time: 1-2 hours.

Xiangshan Park(Elephant Trunk Hill) 象鼻山

This park is not a large one but famous for the symbol of Guilin City: the Elephant Trunk Hill. While, Shuiyue Cave, PuXian Pagoda, Sheli Pagoda inside the park is worth visiting. From the locals that Aiqing Island(Love Island,爱情岛) is said to be a great observing spot. Address: Binjiang Road, Guilin City桂林市滨江路 Ticket: 75 Yuan(half price for students) Opening Time: Apr.-Oct. 6:00-21:30; Nov.-Mar. 7:00-21:30 Transportation: Bus Route 2/16/23/33/57 and Guanguang 1 at the terminal station By walk along the river bank(LongZhu Road) Suggested Visiting Time: 1-2 hours

Qixing Park(Seven Stars Park) 七星公园

The largest park in Guilin, in this park there are seven hillpeaks called “Dubhe”, “Merak”,”Phecda”,”Megrez”,”Alioth”,”Mizar”,”Alkaid” from the name of the Big Dipper, so this park was name after the “Seven Stars”. Inside the park there is an underground canal with Karsk caves, and Chinese discovered these caves and developed as a scenic spot in year 1231. On 1998 the former president of USA, Jefferson Clinton visited this places and gave a speech at the hillroot. Also, inside Guilin Zoo(桂林动物园) that is few minutes walk there are now 3 pandas living there, do not miss when you are going to see pandas. Address: Ziyou Road, Qixing District(七星区自由路,解放桥以东) Ticket: 75 Yuan for Qixing Park, 60 Yuan for Qixing Rocks, 70 Yuan for Guilin Zoo Opening Time: Apr.-Oct. 6:00-19:30, Nov.-Mar. 6:30-19:00 Tel:0773-5814343 (there might not be English services, speak “Ni Hui Shuo Ying Yu Ma”(Do you Speak English) for a help) Transportation: Bus Route 11/14/18/24/25/28 at Qixing Park Station Suggested Visiting Time: 1-2 hours

Liang Jiang Si Hu 两江四湖

Liang Jiang Si Hu(两江四湖, Twin Rivers & Quatra Lakes), this name refers to Li River, Taohua River, Shan Lake, Rong Lake, Gui Lake, Mulong Lake except for a further Mulong Lake, people could visit all places by walk in the central area of Guilin City.When you are walking around Shan Lake, there are 2 towers stand for the Sun and the Moon (Riyue Shuangta Cultural Park) Address: Xiufeng District, Guilin City 桂林市秀峰区 Ticket: 190 Yuan/125 Yuan for Child in the night 86Yuan/60 Yuan for Child in the day 35 Yuan for the Sun&Moon Towers Official Site: Opening Time: 19:30-21:30 in the night 8:00- 16:30 in the day Transportation: Bus Route 2/23 at XiangShan Park Station(象山公园站) Bus Route 23/16 at WenChang Bridge Station(文昌桥站) Suggested Visiting Time: 2 hours

Lijiang River 漓江

Lijiang River is a 170km river that flows near Guilin, Yangshuo County, Pingle County, like a Chinese paiting, Lijiang River is drawn as the background of 20 Yuan rmb note. There are 3 periods of Lijiang River, people in all parts of the river could get on a cruise and pay for a visit. For more infomation please wait for the incoming HiChina Guidebook of “Lijiang River”. Address: Mo Pan Shan Dock(磨盘山码头) Ticket: 210 Yuan including food on cruises Opening Time: 9:30/10:00 for 2 scheduled cruises Transportation: currently the cruise tickets are bought from travel agencies and hotels, so it is better to book your ticekt in your hotel, since travel agencies will charge 12-15% as service fee on usual. Suggested Visiting Time: 4-5 hours

Daxu Town 大圩古镇

This Town was built in 200 A.D and now still exist as the museum of 16th century Chinese architecture and customs. Wanshou Bridge(万寿桥) inside the town was built in Ming Dynasty, when going there, this bridge shall not be missed. Since this place is still remain uncommercialized, so for those whoever want an experience on local life could pay a visit there. Address: Daxu village, Lingchuan Town, Qixing District(七星区灵川县大圩镇) Ticket: Free Opening Time: All day Transportation: Take a Bus to Guanyan and stop at Daxu Town, about 40 minutes’ drive and 12 Yuan per person. Or, you can take a mini van like locals, near QixingPark there are many mini vans writing ”大圩” , pay them 5 Yuan each and you’ll get to Daxu.

Gudong Waterfall 古东瀑布

26 km from the urban area of Guilin, Gudong Waterfall is one that people could climb from the roof. There are 9 levels of waterfall and people have to form a team to track to the top. While ,when you are getting down from the waterfall, you shall not miss the 69-meter long drawbridge beside the road. Address: Hudie Mountain, Gudong Village, Daxu County灵川县大圩镇古东村蝴蝶山麓 Ticket: 75 Yuan, free for children under 1.4 meter. 30 Yuan for a one-man cable car, 20 Yuan for a cableway with single span(Children are prohibited)

Yangshuo 阳朔

For detailed information of Yangshuo please download HiChina Guide “Yangshuo” “Guilin’s scenary is out of the world, Yangshuo’s at the top of Guilin” This village was built in Sui Empire of China (590 A.D) and for thousands of years this place kept its tradition & customs till today. Also, along the riverbank of Lijiang River people would enjoy all the landscape on a bike. Sleeping in Yangshuo: Yangshuo is not a big town but guesthouses are everywhere, most of them are well decorated. When it is in off-peak season, that prices of rooms ranging from 50-150 Yuan(10-30 USD).Address: Lijiang River, Guilin City桂林市南漓江西岸Ticket: free for the villageOpening Time: All-daySuggested Visiting Time: 1 day, but we recommend that stay for 2-3 days would be much betterTransportation: At Guilin Bus Station there are buses from Guilin to Yangshuo(桂林至阳朔), 22 Yuan for each. Everyday from 6:45-20:30 there would be one bus depart from Guilin.From Mopanshan Dock(磨盘山码头) people could take a cruise there, 216 Yuan per personOr you may take a raft at Yangdi Dock(杨堤码头) at Xingping Dock(兴坪), then take a bus there

Lingqu Canal 灵渠

One of the earliest canals in the world, built in 221 B.C. Emperor Qin Shihuang united China and in order to expand his empire, he gathered an appalling 500,000 men to conquer the Yue people (Viet, ancestors of Vietnamese people) in Guangxi, in order to send supplies to the army, Chinese made this 33 km canal for water transportation. Address: Shuangling Road, Xing’An Town 兴安县双灵路 Ticket: 60 Yuan, and 30 Yuan for a Tuk-Tuk ride, 80 Yuan for a boat on the canal Opening Time: 8:30-17:30 Transportation: At Guilin Bus Station there are buses from Guilin to Xing’An, 18 Yuan per person, when arrived in Xing’An, by all vehicles would get you there.

This is it. You can see more in the guidebook of Guilin.


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