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The Secret Life of Two Cities - Nanjing & Zhenjiang
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I have dreamed of walking across China from the extreme north to the south sea. This is the tenth stop of my trip. Since I don't want to waste my time in traffic, I choose the night train mostly. The train stop at morning. So I have a whole day to wander.

The train T65 departs from Beijing at 9:34PM, arrives at Nanjing at 8:30AM. ` FIRST STOP Sun Yat-Sen Mausoleum

Sun Yat-Sen Mausoleum is more popular for Chinese and Asian than European and American, since Sun and Mao are regarded as the independence father of this country. Lots of European and American know nothing about Sun and Mao except for the tiny informations on Internet. And by the way, BBC Documentary is a bad example. The former one destroyed the emperor, the followed one built the present China. As to the local people, Sun and Mao share the honor mostly.

The words is "BROAD LOVE", which means to love everyone no matter who he is and what he has done. Well, do they love the criminals? The answer is yes. They use love to change criminals even it's hard to make it. You will find LOVE is a great word in Chinese character if you have learned Chinese. Japanese use the same Chinese character when they write LOVE.

I got some story about Sun. He is a doctor in 1890s at first. A doctor can save a lot of lives. But Sun found those who have been saved by him were killed by conflicts, wars and famines finally. A kind doctor can't save everyone, but a good and intelligent leader can. Thas's his mind which was written in his own diary and his colleagues‘ memoirs.

Sun led the Independent Revolution of China in 1911 which started at Wuhan, a huge city in central China. It's also the first independence revolution in Asia. The later Korean Independent Government was also founded in Shanghai, China. I have seen the relics before.

Sun was died of cancer in 1925. Though he was a good doctor and saved lots of people, but he couldn't save himself.

Somehow, the death of Sun makes the revolution divided into many parties. The most famous two are Chiang Kai Shek‘s KMT and Mao Ze Dong's CCP. Though Mao was still a nobody at that time, but he won finally. Well, that's another story.

. NEXT STOP Linggu Temple

Linggu Temple was built in 5th century. But it's destroyed in wars and rebuilt in 1928. So, it's a little new.

The guide book says that there are fireflies at night. Well, the day is also beautiful.

Meiling Song is the wife of Chiang Kai-shek, a beautiful lady who has been America during WW II.

It's Meiling's personal palace.

It's beautiful but not funny. . NEXT STOP Confucian Temple Area & Imperial Exam Hall It might be the most great attraction in Nanjing.

Truly antique style.

` NEXT STOP IS IN ZHENJIANG CITY Jinshan Temple / Golden Mount Temple If I have not heard the story of Madame White Snake and Xu Xian, maybe I would miss the Jinshan Temple.

Madam Bainiangzi was a monster, a white snack which has lived for 1700 years. Actually, according to the rules of Chinese mythos, any creatures can rise to the heaven. Time and action are the only judgements. But all creatures have to obey the laws, such as different species can not marry. As to Madama Bainiangzi, who has practiced a thousand years, she is almost a god. But she fell in love with a human Xu Xian. That's the beginning of her tragedy.

Xu Xian is just a normal human. But according to the natural principles, human can recycle in different ways. During Xu Xian's life 1700 years ago, he has saved a little white snack. And in this life, Xu Xian was found by the white snack, who has become Madam Bainiangzi. They were in love with each other after a lot of accidents. So, there comes the marriage.

A monk mage who was called Fahai is so conservative that he held the line against the marriage.

Then the war between Monk Fahai and Madam White Snack started. There are many fights. The most famous one happened in Jinshan Temple. Madam White Snack conjure huge seawater. The whole temple was flooded. There are lots of Chinese movies and animations about this story.

Madam White Snack lost the war and her husband finally.

But the gods above didn't think so. They judged the whole incident and declared that the marriage is reasonable. Freedom is freedom. Marriages are allowed if they choose it with free will. That is one edition of the end. In another edition, Madama Bainiangzi lives a life like Prometheus after the war. She is sealed under the huge Leifeng Tower forever and deathless. The pain never ends. ` NEXT STOP IN ZHENJIANG CITY Xijindu It's the ancient wharf with many relics and beautiful buildings.

GUO GAI MIAN NOODLE. NEXT STOP IN NANJING Presidential Palace / Zong Tong Fu It was the presidential palace of Chiang Kai Shek. It's a tourist attraction now.

Many Chinese come here to experience the history. The most popular topic I have heard is "what if you are Chiang or Mao". It seems easy to review history.

Though there are many controversies about Chiang and Mao, but there are no negative judgements about their forerunner Sun. Is it similar to George and the following presidents? NEXT STOP IN NANJING Yangtze River Bridge of Nanjing

Our breakfast, You Tiao & Doujiang.

` NEXT STOP IN NANJING Jiming Temple It's another great attraction in Nanjing.

Dinner time! It cost me only 20 Yuan (RMB).

` NEXT STOP Nanjing Museum I love museums. Discovering new knowledge is really a happy and useful thing.

This is called Jinlvyuyi, jade clothes sewn with gold wire. It's said that Jinlvyuyi hides the secret of immortal method. Others think it comes from the out space. ` A Big Dinner For My Trip.

SUMMARY Railway tickets Beijing-Nanjing-Zhenjiang 30 RMB x2 Day1 Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum Linggu Temple 35 Yuan Meiling Palace Day2 Confucian Temple Area & Imperial Exam Hall Jiming Temple Sakura Avenue Jinshan Temple in Zhenjiang 60Yuan (bought online) Xijindu Presidential Palace 40Yuan Night of Jiming Temple Sakura Avenue Day3 Yangtze River Bridge 15Yuan Xuanwu Lake Park Jiming Temple 15Yuan Nanjing Museum


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