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Summer Plan from Southeast Guizhou to Yangshuo(Guilin) Part 1
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For over 19 years, I have lived here in Guizhou and didn't have a chance to know about the world for many reasons. It took me four years wandering and exploring the outside world after I stepped out of my hometown. That's when I got an offer of an university. However, I finally realized that the most beautiful world actually was the home instead of the high and tough buildings in the big city. And the truth is it is really one of the most beautiful places in China.

I'd like to be a fisherman at Wuyang River in Zhenyuan.

It's a small, ancient shop in the old town.

The S Bay in Zhenyuan.

Isn't it look like a helmet? (Zhijin Cave)

Sleeping dragon's pool

With so many praises, Jiabang Terrace is just as beautiful as thousands of years ago.

I love the food at Erqi Road in Guiyang city which is the capital city of Guizhou and quite close to Zhenyuan.

Zhenyuan. I went to Guizhou twice this year. The first time is in April and the second time is in August. It's my trip list here: D1:From Xuzhou to Jingzhou Ancient Town D2:From Jingzhou Ancient Town to Zhenyuan D3:Mount Shiping in Zhenyuan D4:Libo sleeping dragon's pool. D5:Basha Stockaded Village of Miao People. D6:Jiabang Terrace. D7:Zhanxing Stockaded Village of Dong People. D8:Yangshuo D9:Xingping Dock D10:Back to Wuhan Hubu Alley D11:From Wuhan to Xuzhou

Someone might heard of the Phoenix Town, which have been compared with Zhenyuan Town for many years. Yet both of them are special and beautiful.

I love the moment when the sunset glow appears. And I also the feeling when I was waiting for the sunset glow for a long afternoon.

It's quite at night when I was walking around the river.

This is a small alley from the museum to the new bridge.

Everyone is just a scene of others.

I have lived in Xuzhou for too long that I almost forget how to enjoy the clouds of my hometown.

It's true that the mountain climate here is very typical. Soon afternoon the clouds have gathered.

The new bridge connects the ancient town and the new town. There are wooden paths along the river.

All of the these are bars. But I don't like bars.

The traveller.

For a long time that I thought Zhenyuan in August is more beautiful.

The fisherman.


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