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Four days in the magnificent Penglai, Yantai
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Yantai is a rich, spiritual city, it is lively and noisy, quiet but not boring, and with natural atmosphere.

Yantai is named as the Zhifu in the ancient times, is one of the places where early ancient cultural was born. After Qin Shihuang unified the whole China, he once held three East patrols, left footprints in Yantai everytime. The 40 year old Qin Shihuang went to the Gulf of Bohai east line in the East Sea of China, looking for ever-young medicine. On the way he met Xu Fu in Penglai, who said to him, "the three mountains in the sea, Mount Penglai, Yingzhou and Fangzhang, living immortals“. Qin Shihuang sent Xu Fu for thegospel truth. Thousands of young boys and girls were taken on the ship into the sea for immortality.

Now Yantai  is full of beautiful scenic spots everywhere. Penglai, Jinshatan, Yangma Island, Haiyang are the four provincial tourism resorts. Yantai city's landmark is in Yantai mountain and the downtown waterfront leisure tourist area. One of the four famous buildings of Ming Dynasty, Penglai Ge(Pavilion) is still stunning. China Taoism birthplace, consisting of thirty-two islands in the sea mountains of the Long Island, is so great!

1, ID card or passport. This is a must taken, inseparable from it when buying tickets, booking tickets online, checking inn hotel, renting bicycles, etc.
2 Wallet. To be exact, take enough money! The wallet should include the necessary cash, credit cards and other financial cards.
3 Clothes mainly underwears for me. Also a swimsuit for the seaside, water splashing, summer exclusive.
4 Toiletries. Can I miss this? Especially personal facial skin care products.
5 Cameras: Nikon D800E, lens 17-35mm, 24-70mm, 50mm fixed focus, micro single Canon. All for a beautiful me and happy journey.

The flight from Shanghai to Yantai is really fast. Landing at Yantai Penglai International Airport, my first impression is cool. You know at this moment I was like Jiaxing on the fire, I could not wait to see Yantai. My hotel is easy to find.

First day's gourmet time!!!

[Yantai mountain park]
Our first stop to Yantai Shan(Mountain) Park, surrounded by the sea on three sides, with verdant trees, green elegant, charming scenery. In the early years of Emperor Kangxi, Yantai mountain is known as "First of the eight lucky lands".

The lighthouse is the highest point of the mountain, also of the Yantai City. It is a landmark of Yantai. I can take a panoramic picture of city coastal scenery.

Departure from Yantai downtown to Penglai Pavilion. I took a bus at Yantai long-distance bus station. Buses go to Penglai every 20 minutes. It took about 1.5 hours. I feel that Yantai is more than simply cool ah.

Penglai is a beautiful and ancient name, a place full of myths and legends, fairy dream for thousands of years, from the moment of its birth, with the immortal culture, the indissoluble bound for Qin Shihuang, Penglai ever-young legend, the Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Wonderland etc. Those stories are so charming.

My friends are suffering the heatwave in Shanghai, while I’m enjoying the cool air of Penglai. Hahaha, they should come with me.

There is a museum with Brown Petrified Wood of two hundred million years

I love it, just stay looking at the boundless sky and sea.

Castle park built by Chinese is just a casual choice.

Sunny weather, in a street parade, a Tutu Dress cake princess, a tuxedo prince, a red nose clown, seven dwarfs, dancing fresh pumpkin carriage, there are a variety of fairy tale characters...... It was like a princess's wedding in a fairy tale.

Ocean Aquarium of Penglai is said to be the Asian largest ocean world. So, why not a try.

The waterfalls, tall and dense jungle, crocodiles, artificial fog, rain, thunder and lightning in the forest all realistic, fish and other animals, combined with the surrounding landscape, the mysterious breathtaking tropical rainforest, make my heart suddenly, up and high.

These days in Yantai I had a deeper understanding of the nature and the Taoism culture spirit. Never has acity, like Yantai, been so close both with culture and nature.

Traffic tips

1. airport

Yantai‘s new airport is located in Penglai City, about 40 kilometers from Yantai City, and take the airport bus about 1 hours to reach Yantai city. From the airport to Penglai City, only 30 minutes' driving. Yantai airport has lines to the major cities of China, as well as Yantai to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

2. trains

There are two railway stations in Yantai, namely, YanTai Railway Station and a little farther south station in Yantai.

Yantai south station is a newly built railway station, mainly with intercity trains and high-speed rail, bound for Weihai, Ji'nan, Beijing, Shanghai and other directions.

YanTai Railway Station long-distance terminal is convenient after arriving by train or by boat to go somewhere else. There are also high-speed trains here, but mainly the ordinary trains.

The bus between YanTai Railway Station and Yantai south station is directly accessible, convenient for transfer.

3. ships

Ships are rare in most cities, but very common in Yantai. Yantai is located in the Jiaodong Peninsula and the Liaodong peninsula which is located in Dalian across the sea, the distance is not far. The train ride is rather inconvenient, boat is the most appropriate choice.

4. car

Located in the city center, Yantai automobile terminal is Yantai's transportation hub, has cars to all parts of the city frequently, comfortable and convenient. From Yantai to the surrounding cities, there are highways, but not suggested.


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