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Expat life in Shanghai enliven
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[December 9th] Back to the mundane color -- Shanyin Road


[December 16th] One of the old business circles in Shanghai -- Xujiahui


[December 29th] Sounds very expensive -- Golden City Road


[January 11th] The northwest corner of Shanghai -- Anting, Jiading


[January 17th] The financial center of Shanghai, Lujiazui


[January 26th] Shanghai, covered with ice and snow


[February 3rd] Landmark mall of Putuo District-- Moon Star global port


[February 4th] What to play in Shanghai - the first edition of [DIY]


The lunar new year in February 15th


[February 17th] We don't buy things, we just look at the scenery - Nanjing West Road, the Bund, Lujiazui


[February 18th] New landmark around Zhongshan Park -- Changning Raffles


[February 21th] Praying for the new year - the Longhua Temple


[March 10th] Close at hand -- the old city of Hongkou

And we are live in 5 4 3 2 1.

Set against the backdrop of the Brixton race riots in London in the 1980s, crossing oceans and continents, Shanghai was planning its first metro line for this fertile terrain was full to the brim with people. People spurred by the passion of reformation, lived on their own feet and bicycles. Just after twenty years, things have changed. Subway Line Three at Hongkou football stadium, a big bowling ball heaves in sight. This is a 20 years old bowling alley. It's not the first time I click O Pack map to see the correct way of writings and locations, names of the roads and facilities. Prithee, obsolete Chinese term might get better on football. I don't watch their game, of course, for now.

[December 9th] 

Xijiangwan Road.This is a very hot station-free bike sharing business in China.Umm, Sichuan Road N, must be a valiant shopping mall fighting against Jack Ma lol. This is where I started my first shopping experience in China. I have never been here any more after Taobao comes out.This road goes towards the Luxun's park, a big park in memory of a great litterateur who was trending to nationalism and criticism theories about reviving China. You might hear his name on the list of emoji tycoons in the forum of Chinese. People put insipid proverbs under the face of Luxun, which makes it a black humor emoji. For sure, I think there isn't anything malicious about it. They just do it for fun.

Outside of the Luxun's Park.

There used to be a kindergarden around.

This is where i lived before. The dislike at first glance fills the moving memory of my Shanghai life. At last it changed into a small part of the acceptable reality. 

I can even remember the light years ago, and i sitting in front of my old desk, hurrying for my design work.

A familiar old house, lost in the old times.

Shanyin Rd, from north 229 to south 103.

Aha, this is the Luxun's home. For the first time that i know there is a house of the great Luxun. What a pity. Of course it's free.

The opposite shop is operating. Wanshou Zhai was promoted in television in old eras. I used to buy some snacks here. When I was a child, my mother liked to buy a small cage of xiaolongbao. At that time, the take out pack was not a vogue. So my mother told me to take a pot myself. I've always thought that the pot was too ugly. This school is visually beautiful.

[December 12th] You can neglect the influence of Xujiahui, one contemporary commercial center in Shanghai. 

The precedent of new economy grew up. Ganghui Square is the most superior shopping mall here. 

Surprise, Xujiahui Garden! Glad to have a peaceful garden segregating the bustle away, left with man murmuring with each other.

[December 29th] This is a cool avenue called The Golden City Road, or Huangjindadao in Chinese. I had a card of this gym.

My Starbucks card is supreme grade now. But today is a chance for Costa.A nice Taiwan food brand.

[January 11th] Anting is a town of Shanghai, almost at edge zone of Jiading district. This is where the bullet train from Shanghai to Suzhou would pass through. The newly opened super market is nice. 

[January 17th] Lujiazui

When the sun sets down, it's more amazing. Lujiazui is connected with the old downtown by the subway line 2.

This futuristic ring bridge is one of the symbols of Pudong district. 


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