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Enshi, a magic land recommended by National Geographic
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I was curious about this mysterious land long ago. In the first time, I saw it on the National Geographic. It's also on the World Heritage List. With a green canyon in Spring, a cool water world in Summer, a southern Kanas in Autumn, and a China style Alps in winter, that's a beautiful world through out four seasons.

It's Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, the only ethnic autonomous prefecture in Hubei Province. Enshi has so many excellent sights. However, it's still unkown to the outside world for its special location. It's not as famous as Xi’an, Guilin, Dali or the Great Wall.

The Guabi Road, or the Hanging Wall Highway, is the entrance road. It was not built by modern machine but original human hands. It's hard to believe, just like people wouldn't believe the pyramid was built by Eygpt people.

This is the Shiziguan Boardwalk.

It's about 500 meters long, built along with the winding river.

Here is the Siduhe Bridge, the largest iron bridge in China‘s distant mountains. It's almost 200 floors high from the bottom of the cayon, over 560 meters high.

Enshi Canyon is China's colorado. The wooden road along the cliff is definitely a must try.

There is the longest tour stairway in the world, about 688 meters.

The Pingshan Canyon is so amazing for its mirro reflection on the water.

Metasequoia, is an old kind of tree on earth, surviving from the quaternary glaciation. I'm shocked by the beautiful scenery just like the shocked scientists who discovered it for the first time. That's what the ancient earth looks like.

Pingbaying is localted in Xianfeng County surrounded by the primary forest. The wooden house is worth a try.

The Tenglong Cave was voted as one of China's most beautiful place ten years ago by the National Geographic. Last year, China's Midi Music Festival was held here.

Maliuxi Village is one of the ethnic follk houses area in Enshi.

Xintian Village is more stunning when i saw this fro the first time in my life. After I went down about more than 1500 stairs to the bottome, that's really a fairy land. By the way, the local Chinese call it Luyuanping if you want to find the exact location.

Enshi Tusicheng, a newly built town according to the primary Tujia people style. It was designed by the Suzhou Designing Institute. To join a local dancing party with the Tujia people is more interesting than walking inside.

Well, if you ask me what impressed me most after exploring so many, I would like to say, none. The most unforgettable part is absolutely the Enshi food. I ate a different food everyday. And the menu with varous foods here seems never ends. I can eat for a whole year.

Barentang is a fast rising restaurant in Enshi, with good taste foods and the interesting Bowling Throwing Alcohol. The harder the bowl is throwed away, the closer the Tujia people feel with you.

Hezha, which is a kind of food I have never seen in China. It's made of yellow bean, vegetable, meat and eggs and goes well with rice. Zhangguan sent us a cup of Oil-tea for free after the lunch. That's quite comfortable.

We also tried a local food which is called Diaoguofan, or Hanging Pot, with five partitions filled by Hezha, yam, sauerkraut and beef, and with Pao soup in the center. Pao soup is boiled by fresh pork. This is really a highly recommended food.

Naxixiaoyuan is a very artistic restaurant. The Guoba porridge is made of crust of over-cooked rice. Another great food is Jiaroubing, which is made of shrimp paste, green pepper and vermicelli made from bean starch. They are so delicious.

The No.18 of Tujia Nvercheng has a great restaurant which is called Tujia Dapaidang. The best food here is Ganshao Fillet Steak. I felt like a gourmet when tasting it together with local drinks.

Here are the transportation info.

Xujiaping Airport. It has 20 flights from Wuhan, Yichang and Chongqing everyday. Chongqing airport is the closest airport.

High speed train. There are through train from Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

Climate. Take a suit with you. It's a little cold inside the canyon.


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