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Disappearing amazing desert wonder——Crescent Spring
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When I saw its photo on the Internet, I was totally shocked by it. Then, some voices echoed in my mind from that day on. And I make up my mind that I shall go and kiss at the Crescent Spring.

Day 1 We flew to Beijing International Airport in the morning. My friends said that we have to stay in Beijing that I almost can't remember their names.

Day2 There is a plane at 6:50 AM in Beijing International Airport. We took on and after 3.5 hours we got down at Dunhuang Airport. Dunhuang is the closest city to the Crescent Lake. We called a taxi and it took 20 minutes until we got there.

Every one wore plastic shoe covers to keep shoes free of sands.

It‘s great that there is a guide board with English.

English guideboard is commoner in Beijing.

The Crescent Spring or Lake as well, is said to be broader in the ancient times. It was 20 meters deep but now only 1.5 meters.

With the expansion of desert, it might disappear in a few years.

Higher view.

I found Cola inside.

After Crescent Spring, we came to the Mingsha Mountain.

Day 3 Mogao Caves, the world's largest Buddhism caves.

The good news is that we have found a great legendary sight which was built 1600 years ago. The bad news is that we can't take photos inside for it might do damage to these historical relics inside. Most of them are murals and statues.

Back to Dunhuang, We found this museum. Dunhuang Folk Custom Museum, but it was closed at 5:00PM.

We bought the tickets and walked in, with my camera in my bag. So, no photos inside.

Well, the museum is ok to take photos.

There are many statues outside.

There is only one flight back to Beijing at 11:10AM, so we decided to see the sunrise in the desert.

And when we got up, we found that most visitors shared the same thought. They came here all for the sunrise.

I think I have made a good choice.

I knew that there is no flight in winter and spring. And it's better to come from April 1st to October 3.


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