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15 hours' hiking up to the top of Mount Huashan
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Mount Hua, the western mountain of the Five Great Mountains of China, now has become a very challenging site for the young people. It's quite close to Xi'an, yeah, the Xi'an where Terra Cotta Warriors locates. Here are the photos taken on my trip.

Night climbing, actually was not my plan at first. It's dangerous to do it even in the daytime. You can get what I mean if you have been to Mount Huashan. 

Though it's suffering, I made up my mind to do this with my friends. I think the best gift for this hard hiking is to watch the sunrise. Absolutely awesome.

Jintian Palace is an amazingly beautiful taoism temple on one of the peaks in Mount Huashan. There is a famous legend proving the god of the Taoism universe exists here. Once a woodcutter happened to come across two men who were having a game of go chess, the oldest chess ever. Then something strange happened. The woodcutter was totally attracted by the chess game and forgot the time and his mission. When he finally realized that he had to a work to do, the woodcutter found his iron axe, but it was rusted into dust. He came back to the village soon, but he could not found anyone he knew, even his own ’young‘ son has gone. Everything changed. No one knew him and no one could tell the woodcutter how many years have gone.

This might be first story of time travel in human history. However, it's a sad one. The woodcutter was lost in time and everyone he knows gone.

Nowadays archaeologists have found many old pictures and books telling this story. Another great book which was written by the famous Taoist - The Ge Hong, tells a stranger story about time. Magu goddess once landed in the Shandong area of China around 150 A.D and when she saw the East China Sea of Pacific ocean, she just told the local people an amazing fact:

This ocean was once a continent.

The most shocking part is the Magu goddess said that it was the third time she saw the continent changed into ocean. Well, Ge Hong is a famous taoist and a academician who lived around 300 A.D. Even if he told a fake story in his book, he should have had a time travel to the very old period of earth when the pacific ocean was a continent and to the more ancient time to watch the continent when it was a ocean. And again and again.

If he was a mortal, how did he know it 1800 years ago? That shocks me.

Mount Huashan is also strange too. This area around Xi'an is a sediment flatland aggraded by the Yellow River and Wei River. A huge mountain which appears in the flatland makes it different. Huashan is 2000 meters high, but it looks like more than 8000 meters high from the top. I think this is what the local calls 'The way to the heaven'.

White rocks.

Temples on the edge of Mount Huashan.

This is the most stunning sky path along the cliff. Everyone has to be fastened to the safety rope. It's not dangerous now, not fun either.

I love this path most.

The West Peak.

The red means lucky here.

My legs were suffering but i won’t give up.

I was finally down to foot. The returning train is just fine. There are high speed trains from Huashan to Xi'an now. The ticket price is 54.5 Yuan, highly recommended. I can't suffer double hurts after climbing the Mount Huashan and go back by a bus on a bumpy road. Trust me, choose the train.

Any Comments? Wanna find someone to go with?
NANA 2017-06-14 15:58:03
The legend you wrote is so impressive.
Gal 2017-06-19 21:06:17
The woodcutter really shocks me. And the Magu godness shocks me more. Whether it's true or not, the author is so farsighted. It's almost accurate science as he really knows the change of continents.
abeatles 2017-06-20 11:45:16
How did you get that legend story? It's so unbelievable. I wanna read the original book.
abeatles 2017-06-20 11:46:28
Reply Gal:Me too. It's just like a real prophecy.
Gal 2017-06-21 10:16:04
Reply abeatles:Plu, as I said. It's odd.

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