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Chengdu journey
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The first stop in Chengdu

Although I am not a Chengdu native, my relatives are in Chengdu and I have been playing in Chengdu for a long time every year. For the wide and narrow alleys, it is still quite familiar; although many people say that the pit here, but for foreign friends, it is not realistic to come to Chengdu to find the authentic snacks for the first time. It may be a better choice to go to the wide and narrow alley. After all, in addition to the memories of old Chengdu, there are many delicious snacks.6a0788b4-1f05-4e05-a407-b9138e9791f9_720_.jpg

Because I am also a big eater, so the following photos are mainly based on food, ready to wipe the paper towel, the old driver drove ~4b45188a-7e6e-4082-8696-cda315954682_720_.jpgfrom [Chengdu East Station] take the subway line 2 to the [People's Park] stop, It takes only five minutes to walk to the entrance. It is convenient when you come in. If you don't bother, you can choose to go from the other side to the [Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital] station and take the subway line 2 to sit [Kuanzhai Alley] Get off at the station and come out is the entrance to the scenic spot.92c37c9a-983e-4f76-b468-806062adfbbd_720_.jpg

Kuanzhai Alley has always been the epitome of leisure life in Chengdu, but it is not counted now.


After all, tourists come here so much, commercialization is inevitable, many shops are mainly business, there is no literary fan; however, although the wide and narrow alleys can not feel too much leisurely Chengdu life, but eating this piece will not suffer After all, Chengdu is a food capital, and eating is not a joke. There are a lot of snacks in the wide and narrow alleys. The taste is actually quite good. The main reason for being so bad outside is because the price is more expensive. The wide and narrow alleys during the day are free to stroll and eat, there is no night view to watch at night, only the bar to play ~B3eb63d8-521d-43de-8214-badd5f8123bd_720_.jpg

In the wide and narrow alleys, the only thing that needs attention is anti-stealing. After all, most of the time, people are crowded here, and people are careful to be taken care of.4f4ed9a7-1ac5-470c-9a4f-fb522563a4a4_720_.jpg

Food is coming, nuclear energy ahead~D9f5d6c3-e0f2-4636-838f-c55e2a75f61d_720_.jpgB2fa0faf-1b69-46ee-a40e-a0c2fae88c66_720_.jpg8b8e5eb9-f05b-4fd9-b2a4-31979dacd411_720_.jpgB1f043e3-04c2-4a67-ac05-fdc30906ed6c_720_.jpg937fb87b-ba6c-48f2-8167-ac4abf577b3a_720_.jpg5f4fb47c-b557-47e4-ae20-9b4663160282_720_.jpg17c9222f-fa3c-4ac2-aaec-115791107312_720_.jpg06a09d98-eca1-41db-818c-8c3ad79c1ccf_720_.jpg240a813c-5ba1-4b1e-99af-9685321b69d1_720_.jpg0225e5be-dedc-473d-801f-007c1f97aa6e_720_.jpg9944ffdd-314c-41a6-8ec4-632915a49eb7_720_.jpg49b8a200-735b-40fe-8561-120daf2e7eda_720_.jpgE6cc767c-6eda-4c04-a8d6-9496d298ca57_720_.jpgB2ecbe16-de63-4573-af1c-c0b9b7d9aa1c_720_.jpg


Haven't eaten enough yet? Go, come back to a food street

The former Jinli is the oldest and most historic street in ancient Shu, but now Jinli is a famous “commercial street”. Commercialization has indeed destroyed too many ancient towns and ancient streets, but another The aspect also provides convenience. After all, this ancient street brings together the specialty snacks, tourist souvenirs and representative cultural products of Sichuan's various cities, and even the cultural heritage that is difficult to see in other places such as Sichuan Opera's face-changing and Qiang embroidery performances. Compared with the wide and narrow alleys, Jinli Snack Street has more types of snacks and more authentic tastes. The focus is on the scenery in the scenic area. The various arts and cultural clearing bars are more popular and more suitable for taking pictures.3e6537e3-fc67-4626-8971-168d093bfa64_720_.jpg

There is a saying that describes the foreign tourists as saying: come to Chengdu, Dujiangyan; eat, go to Jinli, personally think that whether it is for eating or playing, Jinli is a place where Chengdu should punch cards. This place is a lake in the middle of Jinli. There is a seat next to the lake. Sitting alone here to see the scenery is a daze, it is also a leisurely afternoon.A8665980-7d10-4209-9e40-7d20d4bc0892_720_.jpg

Take Bus No. 57 to get off at Wuhou Temple Station and cross the road to reach the door. Of course, if you suspect that the bus is jammed, shaken, orphaned, you can take the subway. Get off at the [Gaoshengqiao] station on Line 3, and you will see the sign at the station. You can ride a small bicycle along the road for a kilometer. reached! At the entrance, there is the "Bronze Man" with the most representative features of Jinli. When standing still, it is like a fake. Sometimes the beautiful women walk next to the bronze people. They suddenly stunned you with a fan, and they were very naughty! If visitors want to take a photo with them, they will help you with three movements to match your concave shape.0fa83eca-f2bf-4c7c-84d3-0495777533a1_720_.jpg

The same is the food street, Jinli is more abundant than the wide and narrow alleys, especially the streets of Sanguo Street and Guanyu are full of various snacks, there are common pineapple rice, chicken wings and rice, and there are many representative snacks in Sichuan. Such as bacon ribs, duck intestines, rabbits, rabbit heads and so on. Everything should be available, some are choices

Delicious bacon, a string of ten dollars, will not regret if you do not eat


Rabbit head, this food should not need me to talk more? The facade of ChengduEf0c360f-5fe9-4257-bca5-67355820fd97_720_.jpg

Food gatheringD01643de-483e-4294-a730-8983d98054c3_720_.jpg622f4418-d3f1-46f2-a676-075b65d64e74_720_.jpgC73d5c97-c73c-4064-a118-bdbdc441d534_720_.jpg6ebd118c-0476-4197-91ff-745b89c34cc3_720_.jpg9f8f075a-b12e-439b-94cf-3686eb7c41ed_720_.jpg5c796df8-0051-4b2e-a292-d6aedc3c952e_720_.jpg

[Yangding Sansheng] Jinli’s lover gathering place, when the little couples come to play, they can buy a brand here, write down their expectations for the future, and hang on the ancient trees to pray. It is said that it is very effective, everyone can try it.E7856e62-1e85-4795-9de6-9fc6ad50b52c_720_.jpg1a8e0445-a72d-4fa4-9156-b42174f0584c_720_.jpg

Occasional encounters of all kinds of small streets, are very suitable for taking pictures and punching cards.36e5e5f8-2031-4910-ace2-c6c7fe9ee7e1_720_.jpg

Chengdu is a place with rich bar culture. Whether it is the mainland Lan Kwai Fong or the tavern, whether it is like heavy metal or millet porridge, Chengdu can always meet the needs of all kinds of people. Just Jinli is also a gathering place for clear bars. Walking through the archway in the middle section of Jinli Scenic Spot, you can see that this street is a hotel on both sides. The location is actually a good choice. When visiting here, tourists will soon finish the scenic spot, and people will be tired. Sit down and have something to listen to music, just~3cb149e6-8dc7-42da-a20b-e6800d14cfdb_720_.jpg45201348-9c8a-4af2-b5c3-cbc07ee169fd_720_.jpg339fe44b-91c7-4efa-a871-a31d33701939_720_.jpgF5555f40-5de7-42f4-b4c1-002b27d121c4_720_.jpg

If you want to feel the life of the city more than me, look at the people who come to seek a smile in the sea, then you can choose a street to clear the bar, take a drink and sit for a while. However, even if you only order juices and snacks, the per capita consumption is also in the 70s and 80s. Everyone has a number in advance. There is another point here: the card holders on the roadside are very beautifully decorated, but you can't take pictures without buying the products. Be careful, the store will take you away.4f7f4d5c-4371-4cf7-8e4f-5113995e82f6_720_.jpgFb4b8847-3db8-45fe-a148-ba2d28042f8c_720_.jpg7156e6b0-1f0e-4cd9-9f8e-215c70b1a8a2_720_.jpg

There are many inns in Jinli. You can choose to live in Jinli, so you can go around at night and feel the cultural atmosphere of the ancient street.

This time there are still the next trips, so many areas have not been able to explore. Let's play this place again next time~



Played almost, find a place to rest first

Chengdu Jiahao Fusida Hotel Renmin North Road is located in Chenghua West Street, a section of Renmin North Road, Jinniu District. It is only 2 kilometers away from Chengdu North Railway Station. It is only a few minutes walk from the subway [People's North Road]. Very good, it is very convenient to take a few minutes to ride a bicycle in Jinniu Wanda Plaza. It is also very convenient to Wenshuyuan, Tianfu Square, People's Park and Chunxi Road. Although the hotel price is OK, but this stay is not pleasant, mainly because of the disappointment of the details of the hotel ~ the appearance of the hotel is very common, the lobby decoration is OK. The entrance is facing the front desk, the restaurant is on the right hand side, there is a small rest area in the hall, the business ability of the front desk check-in is general, and the OTA platform order is not familiar with the appearance. One thing that feels a little bad is the taste of my room. Very large, and poor health, two towels rotten into a horse cell, one by one, are still holes, how to use the front of the guests? Let me use it? At that time, I was sent to a hotel hobby group. Everyone asked me which hotel is so arrogant, so bad to dare to use it for the guests. I thought about not saying the name of the hotel. I just told everyone that it was rated as a high-end hotel. I really want to change the room at the front desk but I was told that I could not replace it. I personally feel that I can’t accept it. Since it is a chain hotel brand, I should know more. The guest’s experience is the highest, and there is a problem with the room but it is not solved. What is this?E0559fcd-e257-427b-9048-e87ed2744d1b_720_.jpgC4cebeee-f4f2-4108-a97c-f6d7d23d3913_720_.jpg606b85dc-ac54-4e05-93a5-7be8a4c3c480_720_.jpg25a19431-d082-4732-89aa-4b7483deb10f_720_.jpg3443a674-ac25-41e7-a41d-d87e10211f42_720_.jpg62feca4c-3268-443f-ae00-eee42c260cfa_720_.jpg5c032461-84b6-4311-87a2-4ef6495f029c_720_.jpg


Although the hotel is in a bad mood, it’s good to have a hot pot.

When I arrived in Chengdu, I had to eat hot pot at night. Unfortunately, I took photos with my mobile phone at the time. After the phone was dropped, the photos of this store were gone. However, this theme hot pot restaurant is really very special. When the store enters the store, the waiter comes up to call you the head. After the meal is finished, the battle is over. When the food is served, it is called to the head of the service, and the employees are wearing red army clothes, which is more interesting. The shop is located at Majia Garden Road, Jinniu District. This area is also a gathering place for food. There are many delicious foods along the way. The transportation is very convenient. Take Bus No. 27 to get off at Shawan Station and walk for five minutes. The decoration of this shop is very beautiful, the focus is on the price is more suitable, three people together with dishes and drinks only eat 160 yuan, personally strongly recommend crispy meat, flour added seasoning, bite down is very delicious, the meat inside is still very tender Fresh, a whole piece of meat. There are also hairy belly and shrimp slippery. It is also very worthwhile. The duck intestine is also the best. Take it gently and take it up. It is very crispy~


D2, one day after another, the next day, the journey of the runaway

The breakfast room environment is still good. I don't know why I didn't have many people when I came. Although the dishes are not as good, the taste is very good, especially the saliva chicken, which is very authentic. Counting the location of this hotel for more than two hundred nights, it is quite good to have a meal, except for the health is not good, other things are more acceptable. Do not make too much explanation here, open the next stop ~

The color of the dining room in the breakfast room is also OK.B283eacb-08f3-431a-88e0-6cba57b41b7e_720_.jpg46c90c0e-facb-4362-a3a7-a6997a626de3_720_.jpg7901d1ea-df5c-4e34-80a0-18044163b015_720_.jpg730a9a38-cdeb-429f-9d24-338ae93eec48_720_.jpg6e0fc381-2dac-47c4-ba54-cf05963d5d73_720_.jpg


Taoist places of interest: Qingyang Palace

Qingyang Palace is a well-known attraction in Chengdu, and is known as Kuanzhai Alley, Wuhou Temple and Jinli. Traveling to Chengdu is still to go to [Qingyang Palace] to walk around. The scenic area is next to Jinjiang and Qintai Road Antique Street. The traffic is very convenient. Take bus No.11, No.19, No.27, No.151, No.165 bus to [ Qingyang Palace] get off at the station; or take the subway line 2 to the [Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital] station and get off at a few hundred meters.A727fb6c-ea52-4591-a864-b4d561fee339_720_.jpg

Qingyang Palace is hailed as “the first view of western Sichuan” and “the first jungle in the southwest”. It is a famous cultural relic tourist attraction and tourist attraction in the country. It is said to be the largest Taoist temple in Southwest China, but I think the Taoist view of Qingcheng Mountain should be larger. . The symbol of Qingyang Palace is two bronze green sheep located outside the main hall of Sanqing Temple. This time, I saw these two totems. The buildings in Qingyang Palace are very well built, and there will be text introductions outside the building.


Qingyang Palace is a ticket, but it is very cheap. As long as it costs ten yuan, remember to bring a student ID card. It can be half price, and it can save a little. However, the Qingyang Palace is closed very early, and it will not be accepted after 18:00 in the afternoon, so you need to pay attention to the time when you come to play.4850c8dd-9434-45d0-afb7-a9f10b69404b_720_.jpg

The ancients said that "small invisible in the mountains, hidden in the city", [Qingyang Palace] is the best embodiment, as the first view of western Sichuan, Qingyang Palace is located in the most prosperous first ring road in Chengdu, we must know that this area is all In the land of gold, the commercial prosperity is beyond imagination, and it is possible to maintain a quiet evasive heart here. It must be said that the masters have done a good job.9eccac12-75c7-4b32-ba25-ff7f0a40f99f_720_.jpg

As a famous cultural relic tourist attraction and tourist attraction in the country, Qingyang Palace is said to be the largest Taoist temple in the southwest region. The symbol inside is the two bronze green sheep located outside the main hall of Sanqing Temple. This time, I also saw these two. totem. The buildings in Qingyang Palace are very well built, and there will be text introductions outside the building.6169ff6b-47c5-438d-af12-23d0652ad108_720_.jpg

There are also eight cents across the sea.14074a93-4919-4077-abd0-1dd3ee01978f_720_.jpg

Usually there are many artists performing in the Eight Diagrams Square. You can see a lot of rare instruments, and the level is not bad. Everyone can count it for free.223dd8a8-e01e-481d-aa80-dfb271e183f7_720_.jpgF2b4ac73-2058-41e4-b09c-9ea5ab96d7ee_720_.jpg


Buddhist holy land and snack street are more suitable - Wenshu Monastery

If Qingyang Palace is a Taoist holy place, then Wenshu Monastery is the representative place of Chengdu Buddhism. According to the introduction of the temple, the courtyard was built in the Sui Dynasty. The Emperor Kangxi gave the "empty forest" a piece of money. Therefore, the Wenshu Monastery is also known as the "empty forest hall." It is also very convenient to come from the Qingyang Palace. Grand Provincial Hospital Station] Take the subway line No. 4 to Xihe and get off at [骡马市] stop, then transfer to Line 1 and get off at [Wenshuyuan] stop. Go straight from the northeast exit and arrive. Go to the temple. I saw the quaint and thick surrounding wall coiled around the ancient temple. The main entrance is embroidered with the three characters of Wenshuyuan. On the side wall, there are words such as the South without Amitabha and the solemn land, which makes the Wenshu Monastery look solemn and solemn. There is the Heavenly King Hall in the temple. Daxiong Hall, Tibetan Classical Building and other buildings are worth taking the time to go shopping. It is very cultural. There is also vegetarian food here, but the price is not cheap. If you are interested, you can taste a large piece of antiques outside the temple. Architecture--Wenshufang has become a new leisure place and tourist spot for Chengdu citizens, but it is not all for tourists. It is like the entrance of the Wenshu Monastery. Can be is one of the top ten authentic Chengdu snacks, but also to Chengdu point not to be missed food Punch!C16867b4-28c0-46f6-b5db-1f28e6d0cb51_720_.jpgAd0a9554-34d5-43e1-89b0-e9513254de75_720_.jpg9e62b958-7178-4885-9052-52d71a24f233_720_.jpgC1f7bc6e-0d03-4104-bb27-9c97ffa86e3a_720_.jpgEa53fe4c-07b3-46a7-9341-5516a9c154d5_720_.jpg3ce19440-c5d1-4777-941a-7320560ee465_720_.jpg0f05613b-b9b5-4199-bb9f-b2fd816625d9_720_.jpg9fbfd26e-7c00-41bc-b782-7ccc81bfa71d_720_.jpg887c4650-df24-480a-8454-5fe221b10766_720_.jpg7fda4aee-bcbc-4b2d-a74a-a275e5fa19a3_720_.jpg


Don’t call mom, come to a groceries

This noodle shop is located in Unit 4, Hengda Plaza, No. 178 Daqiang East Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu. It belongs to Chunxi Road Taikooli Business Circle and is adjacent to Tianfu Square. You can take the bus No. 73 to get off at [Daqiang East Street Station] and watch the tallest twin tower is Hengda Square. It is only 30 meters away from walking. And this street is the snack street, snack bar, hot pot restaurant, noodle restaurant, Sichuan restaurant, even if you don't want to eat noodles, there are still many to eat, but the signature bowl of this noodle shop is really delicious, so I am I chose to have lunch here and go to Tianfu Square. The area of ​​the noodle restaurant is relatively large. After all, other noodle restaurants in Chengdu are small stalls. Such a hundred-square-meter noodle restaurant is very rare. The hygiene in the store is very good. The waiter cleans the table as soon as they leave. The price is not expensive. The two or two bowls of noodles are 9 yuan, 31 yuan and 31 yuan, which are the average price level. However, the weight is relatively small, I also added a bowl of eight-treasure porridge to barely eat. The kimchi in the store is provided free of charge, and there is a small bowl underneath to hold it.Fa4aaa00-7745-4f77-b10e-c6aed05f5745_720_.jpg3fa4941f-d520-4e20-83ca-5f94353946c4_720_.jpg15f46f09-0bd9-4072-84fc-b39f6625c876_720_.jpgE2321d58-9e23-45c1-8c65-e6c48e722956_720_.jpg23ecf0db-5da8-49eb-8ca5-b0cd82ab82bb_720_.jpg8fd8b817-d0fb-4886-b836-6e35bdea3785_720_.jpg


The heart of the city - Tianfu Square punch card!

The transportation to Tianfu Square is more convenient. Take the No. 2 line of Metro Line and transfer at Tianfu Square Station. Dozens of buses stop here. You don't have to worry about not coming over here. I will not explain them here. Everyone has to look at the bus stop sign. Although this is just a city square, it has become a symbol of Chengdu for the people of Chengdu. As long as you hear Tianfu Square, you will think of Chengdu. Tianfu Square itself is a leisure square, but the surrounding area is the most prosperous in Chengdu. Business center. There are many surrounding attractions. The west side of the square is the Islamic church - the Imperial City Mosque; the north side of the square is the Sichuan Art Museum, which has the most rich art collection in the country of Tianfu; the east side of the square is the Jincheng Art Palace, which is also a very famous art palace. There is also the Sichuan Science and Technology Museum, which is also a very good place to go. Crossing a road and walking a distance is the Yanshikou. Not far from the famous Chunxi Road, the subway is only a few minutes away. In addition to the subway station, there is a very large food court and a 3/8 station block. It is very convenient for eating, drinking and playing. The square itself is very large. There are some special lights near the science and technology museum. Columns, each with Sichuan's local customs, can take time to look at playing in Tianfu Square also need to pay attention to the following three points: First, many children in the square run around, pay attention not to hit. Second, there are a lot of snapshots in the square, ten or twenty, but the technical garbage has nothing to say, you can see the photos they took to the guests. Third, there are many patrolling brothers who avoid them when taking pictures, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.C48eb9d2-48ff-4d77-8217-379b5d06efc0_720_.jpg0b2e9b90-8e1a-4da0-90f1-84daa4d881d4_720_.jpg24430580-4383-4770-8aed-560cd72963f1_720_.jpgFef6e040-a798-4c15-acda-aad5277d8238_720_.jpg300698c0-e1b1-42aa-97bf-e8343e6842d9_720_.jpg01c1ab35-b1d3-4f0d-a0db-4c306bd9efce_720_.jpg


The first commercial pedestrian street in Southwest China - Chunxi Road

Since you have arrived at Tianfu Square, you must also come to Chunxi Road. It is a famous commercial street in the country, which is a collection of various brands of specialty stores. It is also a gathering place for famous luxury goods and high-end goods in the Southwest. The traffic on Chunxi Road is extremely convenient. Take the subway line 2 at Tianfu Square and take the one-stop road to the [Chunxi Road Station]. Get off the bus and the center point. Chunxi Road is not only a commercial center, but also a food center. The more famous food restaurants like Zhong Dumpling, Lai Tang Yuan, Husband and Lung, Han Baozi, Long Shou Hand, etc., can really be said to be a city, if you don’t go early, you have to wait for a long time. Can eat. Chunxi Road is one of the most concentrated areas in Chengdu. When you come over, you must pay attention to protecting your belongings. Every day, there are several bad things like losing your mobile phone and losing your wallet. Once you lose something, you can’t find it. So, so be careful. Another one is to stay away from the small card, all of which are free of charge. But when you pick up the card, you will drag you upstairs. If you just touch something, you will start asking for money. What else is Tony, a stupid group. People ~ Chunxi Road are basically people and clothing stores, there is nothing to shoot, here is not a photo, let us directly enter the next Daci Temple to play.A397fce5-1991-45cd-9dc3-021dabc8b25f_720_.jpg


The left hand is prosperous in Taikoo Li, the right hand is quiet and the Daci Temple

Daci Temple is located in the innermost part of Taikoo Li, next to Chunxi Road. It is also a famous temple in Chengdu. It does not require tickets, but it is closed at 5:30 in the afternoon, so be sure to come early when you play. This place is very convenient. Take bus No.4, No.28, No.81 to get off at [Daci Temple Station], you can get there through Uniqlo, or take the subway line 2 to get off at [Chunxi Road] station like me. It’s OK to go all the way along Taikoo. Daci Temple has a long history, a large scale, and a profound cultural heritage. It has also precipitated many stories after thousands of years. The most famous thing is to count two things: First, Tang Xuanzhao is here to be ordained, and here is the summer law; second, during the Tang Dynasty Anshi’s chaos, the Emperor’s Majesty took refuge here for a period of time. After the Anshi Rebellion ended, the Emperor commended the world’s meritorious deeds, Daci Temple It has also received a lot of rewards, and it has since become famous. But unfortunately: According to the text, most of the temples were destroyed by war in the long river of history. The buildings that are now seen are basically rebuilt in the Qing Dynasty, so we can't see the precious ancient buildings. However, the temple buildings renovated in the Qing Dynasty are also very distinctive. Personally, it is worth welcoming the exhibition hall of Tang Xuanzang, telling the life of Tang Xuanzhao in graphic form. There is also Su Zhai in the temple, which is very good, but only can be eaten at noon, to come early to catch up.

Spring and autumn




Small hot pot, Taikoo Li cuisine punch card

In addition to being a luxury gathering place in Chengdu, Taikoo Li is also a place frequented by food lovers. The second floor of the second floor next to the Daci Temple is a gourmet restaurant in the past; from authentic Sichuan cuisine to Western-style restaurants, from milk tea to hot pot barbecue, everything is available. Everything is complete, it is completely satisfying the needs of different needs. From the Daci Temple, I was a little hungry. I chose this Huangcheng mother to rotate the small hot pot. After eating it, I feel very good. I would like to recommend a wave here. The store is located diagonally opposite the Nike store in the Taikoo Li business district. The Nike store has a large logo and is easy to find, so you can find it here. This shop is similar to the Little Swan. It is a single-person self-small pot, but the taste is personally higher than the Little Swan. You must eat the butter red soup to get the authentic taste. Install the belt along the middle of the belt, take what you want to eat when you turn to the front, take drinks and fruits next to it for free; there are many dishes in the store, basically the dishes in the hot pot shop are all available in unlimited quantities. Personal preference for hairy belly and shrimp slippery, others look like you like to eat. The hygiene in the store is very good, and the waiter's attitude is superb. The buffet is self-sufficient, but sometimes the waiter will help you get a dish and you will be very enthusiastic when you don't need them. I won't bother you, although I will pay after I buy the order first, but the attitude of others will not change when I buy the order. Everything is great! After eating the hot pot, it is the most beautiful part of the Taikoo night scene. You can also go shopping and enjoy it. It is worth mentioning that although the per capita income is more than one hundred yuan, the business of this store is very good. Remember to arrange the number in advance.320cb355-8c75-4131-8a20-fe2f82e56d7e_720_.jpg931d700f-ec0c-4c75-ba57-1d595de48651_720_.jpg3991c649-f435-404b-85a1-4c1c9dbc2cb8_720_.jpg2e715f63-372e-44cc-9091-afbdf588479e_720_.jpgC65d1065-e097-4817-9d66-446e36049214_720_.jpg9d5e0131-d6ad-4a4e-bd4c-20add632d83e_720_.jpg


Prosperous Taikooli

Taikoo Li at night is very fascinating. On the one hand, it is the ancient temple of Daci, and on the other hand, it is the most prosperous business district in Chengdu. This perfect blend of ancient and modern, combined with the antique business circle designed by Chinese and Western culture, is very attractive. People's eyes! After eating the hot pot, I strolled around and found that there is one of the ten most beautiful bookstores in the area. I also found my favorite [City of the Sky City], although I just couldn’t help but go in after eating. A cup of coffee, after all, as long as there is a cat in the city, I will go, this is also a habit. Taikoo Li is basically a big brand, and at night it looks especially good. Although I don't have the shopping needs, I can't help but wander around and have a look. By the way, the most powerful [Boss Hotel] in Chengdu is also in an ancient courtyard. In fact, there is still a good place to recommend to everyone, next to the Lang Yu 45th floor cafe, go up to a drink and sit by the window overlooking the entire Taikoo Li, the visual effect is superb.5c6903aa-dd08-46a1-bbcd-ce9a74592ce4_720_.jpg5c27c0de-057d-430e-95e5-e2ef276dd334_720_.jpgF61ce7de-2677-47a1-a0c6-b619f74edbfd_720_.jpgEc7bbf67-99f1-4c42-94b0-6bd2d33eccd4_720_.jpg7f05092b-2043-4eda-a716-2af58b7788a5_720_.jpg0c08cdc9-31c3-4784-9d5f-2bfc862caa89_720_.jpg


Feel the youth culture of Chengdu

If the trip is a book, then the hotel is the sub-node of the story in the book. It can be said that choosing a good hotel is even good for this trip. As a tourist city and a strong economy, Chengdu is not difficult to choose a luxury and high-end hotel. Just a bunch of big-name hotels. However, what I am going to talk about today is the opposite of a luxury hotel - Youth Hostel! As a poor student, occasionally it will be extravagant to live in a super five-star hotel, but more often, it is mainly based on youth travel and inns. After all, here is the gathering place for young people! In fact, I heard about "Starry International Youth Hostel" before I stayed at the hotel. At that time, there was no business yet, but the circle of travel has begun to spread: "Chengdu will have a 5.0 concept youth hostel, which will become the whole after opening. The best youth travel in Chengdu.” After waiting for a while, it was all kinds of news about the financing of the stars, the location of the site, etc. After 16 years, it finally opened, as a person with unique feelings for the Youth Hostel, taking advantage of the holiday. Come and experience it. Fanxing International Youth Hostel is located on Taisheng North Road, next to the famous Wenshu Monastery. The hostel is conveniently located. Take Metro Line 4 to get off at Taisheng South Road Station and follow the road for a few minutes. Arrived downstairs. What's more, the downstairs of the hostel is the "154 Road Food Bus" rumored on the Internet. It is the 154 road that has delicious food at each station. How can you miss it as a foodie? The hostel offers a parking space for a fee, the specific price can be consulted by phone! There are many food stores next to the hostel. I don’t want to send food photos to seduce myself at night. I can only tell you: I have eaten a lot! Take the elevator to the fifth floor. Once you get out of the elevator, the first thing you can see in the hall is: Great! Good! It is just 300 square meters in the public area of ​​this hall. With the exquisite decoration and the young people playing in the hall, I liked it instantly.2a65ccbf-2776-4295-8324-5615dbbdfef4_720_.jpg63d99328-74c6-41be-8090-4f3bf4dec641_720_.jpg5192593c-1c1b-4cfb-a945-c3a15c7c23ff_720_.jpg9845f54c-3d60-404e-95c3-e5f59c1979c8_720_.jpg69647a42-82b9-42dd-95d9-9966e427f931_720_.jpgA4d252c1-d4c5-4eae-9367-78b6a8413956_720_.jpg1a171597-8b73-44cb-aa94-ff6c53026974_720_.jpg66cd0ee9-c8a0-4890-a63e-9864c23eb0e6_720_.jpgB67310b0-3272-427c-b5d6-d914486869fa_720_.jpg34160105-b698-4d9f-b3ae-46747703c9e9_720_.jpg83b7295a-e6ac-4396-96fc-ca17a4b60991_720_.jpg3316e367-f5b7-45f7-91d8-b052ffe724a0_720_.jpg0d3e60f9-cd1e-4aac-a15a-76e91019bcf0_720_.jpgD33672b0-5186-4478-a964-869c9d4f02bd_720_.jpg57a13928-c426-48f8-9275-6360cd4c0471_720_.jpg


D3, rowing without paddles, all rely on waves, and today take a niche route

Today, I want to play with the leisure time of Chengdu people. I chose the quiet Huanhuaxi Park. The Huanhuaxi Park is very close to the Du Fu Caotang. It is also designed with the historical and cultural connotations of Du Fu Caotang as the background. There is also the Sichuan Museum. Therefore, these three places can be played together; there are three major scenic spots in Wancai Mountain, Canglang Lake and Bailuzhou in the park. In fact, I think it can be counted as four scenic spots because the two rivers of Huanhua River and Ganhe River run along the park. Flowing past, the river view is very beautiful. It is also the largest open urban forest park in Chengdu. Every morning, many local seniors come to bend, which is a part of the leisure life of Chengdu. It is suitable for slow travel and convenient transportation. Take Bus No. 53 to Dashi West Road. Station] Get off the bus and walk 300 meters along the street of Huanhuali. You can also take the subway line 2 and line 4 and get off at the [Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital] station, and change to a shared small bicycle to ride over. When I left, it was like this. The scenery on both sides of this kilometer road is very good~ Because the tickets for Du Fu Caotang are too expensive, plus I have been there twice, this time I didn’t go in and watch, friends who are interested can go play. Just next doorC3e7f47b-f4c5-41b0-a205-591b67d92a6f_720_.jpgEdb3f4df-fa38-41f2-879f-2f43a28d47fa_720_.jpg25624bc4-25ab-4125-b5ee-f2217b51ac46_720_.jpg9b37b2b9-5228-472e-a216-2c58b12e2074_720_.jpg2eca93b6-cfcc-4ac6-bfa8-9270a04963d6_720_.jpg93f5f477-7f65-406a-84ef-033dcef92c1a_720_.jpgEf680168-64cf-47ea-8571-163e5aaac132_720_.jpg


What does the People's Park play? Drink tea and play cards to dig ears~

If the Huanhuaxi Park is quiet and leisurely, then the People's Park is a leisure plus entertainment. This is one of Chengdu's urban landmarks. It is located at Shaocheng Street, Shaocheng Street, very close to Kuanzhai Alley, and only a few minutes walk. Therefore, the old drivers can also wear the People's Park to the wide and narrow alleys to play together. The park is very large and the scenery is beautiful. It is the largest downtown area and the first open landscape park in Chengdu. The traffic is very convenient. Take the subway line 2 to [People's Park Station] and get off at the entrance of the park. People's Park not only has a very good scenery, but also a strong history and culture, and don't want tickets. There are Sichuan Baolu Sports Monuments and Museums in the park, the martyrs who sacrificed the sacrifices in the Baolu movement, and the Sichuan Army Anti-Japanese Warriors Martyrs Monument, which are very worthy of our worship. The People's Park has two most famous features. One is the tea house. There are many open-air tea houses in the People's Park. When you come to the People's Park, you must drink a bowl of old tea. Follow a group of people to set up a dragon gate array, otherwise it will be white. The second is square dance. People’s Park has been rated as “the most noisy park in Sichuan” for a period of time. It can be seen that the square dance is powerful. After a few steps, you will see a group of aunts dancing square dances and holding a few A big singer, singing. Basically, walking in the ears of People’s Park is not quiet. In the evening, there were young people dancing in the street dance, which was even more heated. There are snack vendors selling snacks everywhere in the People’s Park.Dc2228f9-a808-4024-b0f4-b27cf539cd09_720_.jpg7620c90c-4f35-429a-a9e6-1e9b365b52fc_720_.jpgAea2f1ee-3dd2-4bee-866a-072ab67e7f8b_720_.jpg8aa74ec8-acb3-4c16-b6ec-f9582d0a6ec0_720_.jpgA6cfc831-534c-45e6-a106-08410d52fb62_720_.jpg7de2ca28-f3d4-4742-8e10-9f457633af76_720_.jpg6ecc9f10-8a91-4b50-a67c-9dcbaff70bf9_720_.jpg852ce5ba-a20d-4ec4-90f6-ef2bb9b1e871_720_.jpgCeb51199-0c14-4b18-908d-a385d360f2b8_720_.jpg


Baijiafei intestinal powder, delicious outside the People's Park

As the saying goes, there are people and places where there are rivers and lakes. Since ancient times, martial arts disputes have continued, or for the name or for profit, are for the position of the martial arts overlord. Generally speaking, every few years, everyone will play one place, and the highest martial artist will be named as the martial arts ally. . Although there is no martial arts in today's society, rivers and lakes exist everywhere. For example, the PK in the food industry has never stopped. The first time I know that Baijiafei is in the food program of Sichuan Satellite TV, but personally for these programs. The propaganda is all scornful, because nine of the ten red food restaurants are very difficult to eat, most of them take money to promote, so they have not been concerned. I came to the People’s Park this time and suddenly saw that the store was directly opposite the park. I came to experience it with a try. This food was discovered. The powder shop in this street is estimated to be covered. ~ The shop is located directly opposite the People's Park, which is the distance from the road. Walk to Tianfu Square and the location is still very good. The traffic is very convenient here. Take Metro Line 2 and get off at [People's Park] Station. Exit B and walk to the right hand side for 100 meters. Next door is the mother's hoof flower head office. The signboard is very big. See it at home. The brand will also find this fat sausage shop. Although the store area is not very large, the first feeling of entering the store is still very good, the cleaning is very clean, and the tables and chairs are placed neatly. The entrance to the right is an open kitchen. Guests can see the food production all the way, so that everyone can eat with confidence, and everyone can see that the powder in the store is handmade, it is difficult to eat now ~ except the signboard The fat sausage powder, the restaurant also has cold noodles, jelly, rabbit head and other delicious snacks, you can choose according to your own preferences. The only thing that is not enough is that there are too few fat intestines. Only a few small pieces are added to a bowl. It is not easy to eat.E27b52ce-7f7e-48ec-bbf9-4a303e17d383_720_.jpg46de0622-9364-4e84-ad64-0d472dbc989d_720_.jpgE4ef0d65-a7ac-4226-bda6-3274d22ec92f_720_.jpg8c710627-bb18-4df7-b68f-d90f5818630a_720_.jpg1903392c-990a-4de5-a5a2-21a600bc33e2_720_.jpg2a517319-3f4c-4e1c-bfe6-0c6d7a538180_720_.jpg


Feel the apartment in Chengdu today.

So far, many passengers may not be very clear about the concept of apartment hotel, and may feel that the apartment hotel is a very cheap and poor place to live. In fact, I did not think about this idea before I contacted the apartment hotel. I even classified this hotel as a short-term rental or a daily rental. But after I lived in several apartment hotels, I realized that the real situation is not what I thought. Many apartments are fine, such as the "Lishui Holiday Apartment in Chengdu" that I stayed in. Overall, it is very good, and the price at the weekend is as high as 784. Can you say that there is no grade? Chengdu Lisige Holiday Apartment (Chunxi Road) is located in the Hengda Plaza Building, Sanguiqian Street, Qingyang District. Just next night, [Starry International Youth Hostel] stayed next to me, even if it is from other places. Because here a little bit of the past is the subway [Taisheng South Road] station, only three kilometers away from Chunxi Road, two stations can be reached, to Tianfu Square, Daci Temple, Kuanzhai Alley and other places are very convenient. The traffic is very convenient. From the bus No. 45 via the 1st stop to the [Taisheng South Road] stop, you can get off at the Evergrande Square. You can also take the subway line 4 to get off at the [Taisheng South Road] station. After the B exit Just walk to the tallest building, five minutes away. Everyone knows that Evergrande Plaza is a comprehensive business and trade center, so it is no problem to live here, eat and drink, because it provides these, the large shopping malls, cafes, cinemas, food stores, etc. in the building have opened a lot of homes. Guests can enjoy all-round services without leaving home, which is not comparable to many hotels. Compared with the ordinary apartment hotel, there is no place to check in, but with the full service of the butler, you can call the store after going downstairs, and the butler will be arranged to pick you up. And it is very safe to stay here. Everyone who enters the building must register their identity information. If there is no card, they can't enter the door of the accommodation. The housekeeper who served me was called Qingqing. I was very beautiful. I was very enthusiastic. When I answered the phone, I was very comfortable listening to the phone. After I got out of the room, I gave me a detailed introduction to the hotel and the surrounding food, drink, and play. Very good, service. Give five points of praise.1444f576-a2f7-40a3-bcd2-81662ca50022_720_.jpg392e1793-a3e7-4f13-a580-ed73a6436749_720_.jpgF2a00a1b-d10c-4be4-8ad6-3c88f40cde22_720_.jpgF33442ed-f5b5-443b-959a-cebb445c5b8b_720_.jpgAf1cf321-ffde-42c1-bfce-4b0c2b6578f2_720_.jpg4409fbd6-2457-49af-bb50-671b4d397880_720_.jpg03fe99ca-06e9-4b46-96e9-035ce1799158_720_.jpg16c73554-a377-4dcd-ba7f-1fefd6ea9b61_720_.jpg7edbad3c-4772-4ae6-8634-8f6fe8ba449e_720_.jpgB4c727ad-e2ce-4dc9-9588-3d4280b44154_720_.jpg

View from the window8b0125c3-8630-4de0-a1ea-7870948ee1a6_720_.jpg


Sichuan University

It’s already late from the hotel, but Sichuan University still has to go once. Sichuan University is the first school in Southwest China with a long history and a long history. It is also a holy place in the minds of our Sichuan students. Basically, in addition to trying to test the students of North China University and abroad, the rest are all based on Sichuan University's goal of learning and struggle. Unfortunately, I have not been able to come to school here. I can only come and play. . Sichuan University is located in Chengdu, a famous historical and cultural city in China. It is located in the three campuses of Jiang, Huaxi and Jiang'an, covering an area of ​​over 7,000 mu. The campus environment is elegant, lush and lush, with grassy flowers and pleasant scenery. It is an ideal place to study and study. Generally, the Sichuan University is to visit the Wangjiang Campus because the transportation in Wangjiang Campus is very convenient. Other campuses are relatively far from the urban area. Take the subway line 1 in the city, get off at the Provincial Stadium, go out from the D2 entrance and exit, and walk for a while. Or take the 55 road and get off at Moziqiao Station. It will take a few minutes. Sichuan University also has a very famous attraction - Sichuan University Museum, which is the only comprehensive museum in China's colleges and universities. It has tens of thousands of cultural relics and it is recommended to visit.D2ea0548-4d52-48b8-be0a-43e654a76184_720_.jpg5fa4349c-e13d-49af-a5b5-722767ba2251_720_.jpg3d059e07-1a5c-4f7b-8222-e84cabb43fd1_720_.jpg84330f7c-f966-4a64-9533-cad295d87112_720_.jpg5812224a-a556-4af5-bb46-16da55058a41_720_.jpgC17fc7cf-6ed7-4f23-8c6c-a21c3c3b6b38_720_.jpgF7144216-9f2e-4f69-b11a-ca82f2ed6062_720_.jpg0ac794a0-b042-4c05-9092-9beb35f26ebc_720_.jpg


Continue to string, eat tonight [Niuhua Green Source Strings], string from Leshan

Chengdu in the rainy days always makes people feel cold. In this case, nothing is more exciting than about a hot pot or string. Just saw that there is a chain of string stores [Niuhua Luyuan] Xinghui Road shop engaged in activities, 46 to 100 yuan, they came over a pot. This shop is located at No. 70 Dongmadao Street, Xinghui Road, Jinniu District, next to Fuhe. It is also very good to eat the strings and look at the riverbank night view. The store sign is very obvious. Take Bus No. 45 to Caojiaxiang. 】Get off at the station and walk for 300 meters. The store area is relatively large, and it is about 20 meters from the checkout counter at the entrance to the kitchen cabinet at the back. The service attitude of the store is very good, and it is not because of the group purchase volume, but the speed code is quickly checked, and then the location is arranged. The photo was taken when I finished eating, so it seems that the store is very deserted. In fact, the business is very good. When I come, the table is full, and I am arranged to go inside, but too many people are embarrassed to take pictures. They strongly recommend their beef and fat intestines. The beef is very tender and has no gluten. It tastes very good. It tastes delicious after cooking for a while. It is soft to eat for a long time, and it is a bit of soup. The taste is not put up ~ the dish is self-adjusted, personally recommend the choice of oil dishes, dry dishes are pepper noodles and pepper noodles, eat barbecue is OK, eat string does not force. By the way, if the brain flower can eat, I suggest that the brain of this shop is very fresh~54a3b630-8c49-4783-8d50-e5d427b3b62e_720_.jpg4e245d98-bffc-4008-9265-4023f47bf9c0_720_.jpg06077d25-8780-4dc5-9535-7042e01b372a_720_.jpgD9bd3265-71a6-4df2-8a82-2ee45ea40c69_720_.jpg49746ea3-efd2-489d-ba4e-de045bcf0491_720_.jpgF2b9ca6c-ce9a-492f-a61b-6ddffb889d01_720_.jpg448e7c36-f85d-4ee0-bed7-859d4899e37e_720_.jpg980c1711-edad-42f5-ac5f-65fe61cf7c17_720_.jpg51bf5829-ad6e-498c-a248-d77c76503b1e_720_.jpg


D4, today's beautiful food, plus the most popular friends~

Waiting for a long time and finally waiting for the sunny day, today is going to do one of the most important things to come to Chengdu: look at fat Dada! The Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base is a world-class research institute for giant panda breeding. The giant pandas here are wild stocking, which is different from the zoo's recuperation. Everyone here can really understand the various habits of pandas, but Just like me, wait until the sunny day, the rainy days and fat Dada will not come out for you to see it~ The traffic of the giant panda breeding base is very convenient. Take the subway to the [Zoo Station] in the city, and change the A port. Bus 655 can be directly reached, or you can take bus 198 directly to the city, but the road is very slow, you have to sit for more than an hour, very troublesome. Another way is to take a scenic spot through the train at the end of other scenic spots. At present, there are many buses that pass through here. You can take the scenic spot of the Panda Base - Wuhou Temple, Panda Base - Sanxingdui, etc. . Tickets are 58 yuan, student certificate half price, 29 yuan, more affordable. If you are buying tickets on the scenic through train, you can also enjoy the car-free policy, but it is only a single-sided free in the past! The area of ​​the scenic spot is very large. It takes about two hours to walk around. It is recommended to go shopping separately, first look at the panda, then go to the museum, just outside the museum is the exit. It is worth mentioning that some tourists are free to throw food to the pandas. It is the wrong way. Please pay attention to the civilization when you are playing, and do not interfere with the lives of the animals. I don’t have much to say, just run inside.1ae09bb7-ea36-403a-9c76-5a7aa9950892_720_.jpgE2016ea7-1ea9-496f-9e27-f4b605767143_720_.jpg9ff7e82e-a0c4-4c08-b38c-d72b70b2f9e7_720_.jpgC043bc12-c00c-4d3f-96ef-55f8f200f191_720_.jpgC321696a-7d24-44ac-8b0b-092c2b96f72a_720_.jpg00dc1d52-a82b-4565-80a0-09d88fcef229_720_.jpgD4215e63-26ad-463f-a7ac-0ec685da23f7_720_.jpg3d2ebc6d-5ad6-4ac3-beda-e716dd287bd6_720_.jpg7517ce1a-62d0-413a-8732-9931269e980b_720_.jpgB00b1597-a0e1-4042-b2a2-13a041cb828a_720_.jpg6f87720d-6332-429e-8c6b-265a7654d31a_720_.jpg227cb0ce-6e32-41cc-81ee-f5ff83e51ce4_720_.jpg0d645b8d-6b22-4811-8800-7b18076a26b5_720_.jpg2c296912-3fc5-4af7-a990-9632bb3ba1e9_720_.jpg

Don't eat snacks, as for hundreds of people around me?




Butterfly Museum

The Giant Panda Museum is just outside the scenic spot, but the giant panda specimens are beautiful and lively, so the butterfly specimens are very beautiful, and the other ones are not interested in watching. Here are a few photos of butterflies. a bit!5db39758-ae90-4b76-abd3-a5c5f0db8e39_720_.jpg39119c36-f886-4ce5-a3e1-e69f4bf140c3_720_.jpgF9d05ac3-afae-4f13-87a9-50b9e1183029_720_.jpgFa2741d3-3646-44f7-bcfc-4fd664e33c61_720_.jpgF3dff79b-fe8d-4c01-8ec7-0b4c87e7a0c8_720_.jpg07c8503b-f6fd-4586-b704-5cadc82f6908_720_.jpg


Old clock house

After coming out of the panda base, my stomach is also hungry. Go back to the city and eat something first. To say that Chengdu's snacks, it is different, today is the experience of a brand that everyone is familiar with, "Old Bell Home." In fact, the old clock family was quite good and cheap a few years ago. At that time, I came to Chengdu to play, eat a bowl of old bell dumplings, and then add a piece of ice powder. I feel that happy life is just like this; but in recent years, with the heat Up, the price is also rising, the taste is not as good as it used to be. There are only 8 of 12 dollars, which is not expensive. This Hummer City store is located in XX Street, Lima City, Qingyang District, Chengdu, and is a short distance from the subway. There is only one small alley, and it takes only two minutes to walk. Take Metro Line 1 and Line 4 and get off at the [Puma City] subway station. Walk over. The shop is small in size and is divided into two parts. The left side is the place where the food is ordered and the kitchen is located. The dishes on the wall behind the ordering table are hung with wooden boards, which are very ancient. This store also has a special feature that will give you a mahjong game during the waiting time after ordering, but also to convey the mahjong culture of Chengdu to foreign tourists! The speed of the meal is very fast. A dumpling, a hot and sour powder, and an ice powder will come up in about five minutes. This is still to be praised.78b8c26f-7e0a-41f5-bd48-e68554005db3_720_.jpgF73c11e3-f9ef-459d-9b92-7eedc8af7189_720_.jpg96b6e8d0-9ecd-4d66-af10-2b7601a419a0_720_.jpgCeeadb7c-2112-41da-ad3e-d9b90b7b6a86_720_.jpg38a0de7a-a6b1-47ba-b6af-ecabfd86deeb_720_.jpg23a9e99b-0d77-429f-991e-088a9f76805f_720_.jpg


Qiqi Bookstore

After eating the snacks, I thought there was no place to play. It was still very early in the evening, and I found this [Qi竻 24-hour non-stop bookstore] to drink something to read the book. The store is located in the middle section of Yixue Lane, Xiadong Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu. It is next to Chunxi Road, the most prosperous business district in Chengdu, and Taigu Li, a high-end dining and shopping venue. It is also only a short distance from the Daci Temple Scenic Spot, passing through Taikoo Li. Arrived. In addition to a large number of shops, there are many famous food stores, which are very suitable for shopping, leisure and entertainment. There are also a lot of cafes, but they are mixed, good and bad. This time I was tired of shopping here. I thought about coming in for a while and found this nice place. Of course, this area is also the place where the handsome guys go in and out the most. It’s also a great pleasure to see beautiful guys. The transportation here is also very convenient. Take the subway line 2 and get off at the [Chunxi Road] station, walk about 600 meters or you can get there; or choose the more convenient bus No.43, 47, 56, etc. to [Ye Mao Street 】Get off the bus, so that the end of the alley next to the platform will come to the end. Speaking of it, I can find it here, or because this street is too quiet, in stark contrast to the lively scene next door, staying in a noisy environment for a long time, suddenly entering a very quiet place, that feeling is very wonderful And this bookstore is just in the street, perhaps because of fate, so I got to know it. The facade of the bookstore is very beautiful, especially the messy feeling of overlapping books on the top, which gives people a very good feeling. The area inside is not large, and the first and second floors are not as good as some slightly larger bookstores. But the layout is very beautiful, it seems that there is something in every area, but it seems to be orderly, just right, not messy. The steps upstairs use the most primitive planks, but they give a rustic feeling. It’s very nice~ the second floor is very quiet. The fly in the ointment is that the books are placed too much, sitting in it is a little depressed; the light music selection in the store The song is very good. I saw that there are weekly activities organized on the blackboard. I also want to come to participate in the time. The service in the store is very good, and the value of the staff is very high, but the craftsmanship of the drinks needs to be improved. The coffee for 30 yuan or so is really poor. There is also a fly in the ointment. The area is really too small, but this hardware can't be changed. I can only think about the store.5f60fbe1-76ab-4014-bb94-ee85fd4351cd_720_.jpg8ff87008-8eb8-4c4c-8540-326106d98d2d_720_.jpg4e046a5b-c5cf-426d-883c-56931d04ec54_720_.jpgEd0e79dc-d708-4562-a924-90ddaae23721_720_.jpg824c48e6-03bf-4e12-b917-f6d69e8ad642_720_.jpg9266322d-d617-49a4-99ca-4f88c12bbfff_720_.jpg94289699-82b6-4e49-9eb8-a56fb9b15509_720_.jpg8ca5a2dc-c0ec-4bd8-8f94-467df3950fca_720_.jpg


Sitting in the bookstore for a few hours just waiting for this night scene, the most beautiful night view of Chengdu

This antique street of Qintai Road is located in Qingyang District of Chengdu. The next road is the Kuanzhai Alley Scenic Area and the People's Park. It is only one step away from Baihuatan Park and Huanhuaxi Park. This is a beautiful place in Chengdu at night. It is suitable for walking and enjoying the night view. It is also suitable for taking pictures here. Of course, the most famous one is the “Yu Du Ya Yun” located in the middle section of the street. The Sichuan Opera performance is famous here, and many Chinese and foreign tourists come here. Qintai Road has very convenient traffic. Take Metro Line 2 to get off at [Tonghuimen] Station, walk 150 meters to see the entrance; or take Bus No. 78 to get off at [Tonghuimen] Station, next to the stop sign. It is the scenic spot. To play on Qintai Road, you must first understand the story here. Qintai Road is specially named to commemorate the legendary characters of the Western Han Dynasty, Zhuo Wenjun and Sima Xiangru of the incarnation of love. It is said that Zhuo Wenjun and Sima Xiangru were in the ancient piano. A wine shop was opened on the road, and Zhuo Wenjun personally sold the wine. Zhuo Wenjun, who is a light makeup artist, is standing on the soil terrace where the wine cellar is placed. It is really a life that is not only a fairy. The most famous one on the Qintai Road is a Chinese portrait of 920 meters in length and running through the whole street. Brick belt, this brick is actually paved with 160,000 pieces of natural bluestone bricks. I don't know if it is artificially polished, it is very characteristic.D3f06e4e-1eca-420d-bf95-53661be2f8ab_720_.jpgAcef83e7-875b-472b-9144-d8f20ed7239c_720_.jpgD79f24b2-9a9d-48df-b7c0-e0a9e580ec5a_720_.jpgC1dc1f47-b4d8-4e1f-9a7d-0f43e864694c_720_.jpgBe761a24-e628-4c8e-aa56-ef776269a1a7_720_.jpg0d6c2950-bb7f-46d6-ac4b-f5f3caf0d193_720_.jpg754cd19a-6aab-478c-a2d1-6160997ac9f3_720_.jpg6567cac6-5008-4fa2-9cfc-9e8f40982429_720_.jpg


What if the photo is cold? Continue to string ~

I have to say that the temptation of stringing is too big for me, not to mention that it has just frozen for a while, decisively to this side to corrupt. This string of fragrant hot pot skewers is located next to Yuquan Hotel, Lihua Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu. It is only a five minute walk from Yanshikou and Tianfu Square. The transportation is convenient. Take Metro Line 1 and Line 2 to Tianfu Square Station. Get off the bus, follow the city heart and the street in the middle of the Far East department store. Go to the first intersection and turn left and go straight. The shop area is very large, the first floor can be seated on the second floor, the front door is the front desk. If it is a group purchase, you need to pay for the first payment, buy a group of 88 yuan, send two drinks and a snack, plus 120 The random selection of the string, although the overall price of the store is relatively high, but this group purchase is still very cost-effective, the two people's words basically this price is enough to eat. The clerk's service attitude is very good. There is no stagnation because it is a group purchase. There is no difference in the arrangement position. I want to sit anywhere. Although it is a string of shops, the decoration and hygiene in the store are all good, especially The table doesn't have that greasy feeling, it's quite good. For snacks, it is recommended to choose small crispy meat. This chicken is not fat at all. It is relatively dry and a bit crisp, and it tastes good. The string is a price of vegan, so as a carnivorous animal, I have all the meat skewers, especially the beef in the store, pineapple beef, pickled beef, spicy beef, etc., take a large bowl of hot food. After a few mouthfuls, the beauty burst has wood, the pineapple beef is very characteristic, the sweetness of the fruit in the spicy, the feeling of eating is very different ~ but there is a problem that is good two pots of sour plum soup, only to find this after coming up The pot is really small and should be called two cups like a cup. This is also the only shortcoming.431ca8fc-c7f5-4ece-8f7d-71373d6c8253_720_.jpg

Intensive phobiaB3c8a547-d4d7-410b-8290-1ab6fd87a7bb_720_.jpg43f9e211-4e09-4482-954f-376f2456cb80_720_.jpg82b09876-9c62-498f-8499-15709ad4f6f6_720_.jpg

With your own seasoning, follow the taste, the millet pepper is very hot, don't let it go.



Favorite side dish: small crispy meat9e67b158-38f2-4069-9735-c6eada3be541_720_.jpg


Chengdu, sleep with you tonight. Masha Bleu Outdoor Inn

Chengdu Ma Xia Bula Inn is located in Building B, Creative Factory, No. 40 Huapaifang Street, Jinniu District. It is a creative park named “No Lane!” Inside is a very literary courtyard, there are many hand workshops and creative shops, the milk tea in Building A is very good, and the hotel in Building D is not bad. It belongs to the first ring road, next to the shopping malls, only 1.8 kilometers away from Kuanzhai Alley, 1 km from the famous snack "Little Tan Douhua" in Babao Street, and 400 meters from Chengdu Old Hot Pot "Dalongyu". Arrived in minutes or so. As for why I am talking about food, I would like to ask why Chengdu is called the food capital, haha! The hotel has convenient transportation. It is a bus stop. You can take Bus No.7 and No.37 to the [Yihan Road East] subway station, then take the subway to all parts of the country. You can also take the bus No. 11 directly to the [North Railway Station]. Chengdu Station] 3.5 km road, drip 9 yuan, rent 13 yuan. The origin of the inn is a story. The name "Masha Bula" is a snow peak in the Karakoram Mountains of Pakistan. The founder Lao Tang was fascinated by the Marsh Bleu in the Karakorum Mountains of Pakistan. Beautiful, when I came back, I named the inn "Maxia Bula". I was half an idealist. After listening to the story of the inn, my heart fluttered, as if I had already come to the snowy mountain. Fifty; I went to the store and looked at the room and fell in love with this place. The inn pursues the decoration style of “simple without losing quality”. It is really simple at first glance. There is no complicated literary decoration, no complicated murals and ornaments, but it is very durable, and the more you look, the more you like it. I don’t have much to say, let’s rest in the room~

Outside the window is the art park, it looks very beautiful, and there are many delicious and fun things below.5e5ad03c-c202-4d7e-8260-aa5ff2ca99ea_720_.jpg



D5, I have to leave today, I am very sad in my heart.

In the morning, I strolled around the hotel and saw that the lobby area was not too big. The front desk and the rest area were together. Unfortunately, the hanging camera lens can only be used to share such a small piece of space for everyone. The sofa in the rest area is very good. I said that I was a sofa control in front. Where I like it, I like to read and listen to music on the sofa. The sofa in this shop fully meets the needs and is very comfortable. The bookshelf is actually a place that is not very satisfactory. First, the book is not too much, but the type is too small. Third, it is a good thing that the individual feels that there is something to play. It is convenient for young people to play together, but can be put aside, and the book is placed. I always feel a little embarrassed together. Haha, just personal opinion, the roof garden is very big, there are entertainment facilities such as table tennis table, shooting game machine, etc. There are also tables and chairs for chatting and rest. In the summer evening, you can also look at the city night scene. The best thing about it is that there is a barbecue. After dinner in the summer, I have a few friends, come up to the whole night beer barbecue, and then come to an open-air KTV. Is it very good?244e20b1-441b-4821-9be3-e8e6d15a1027_720_.jpgA7a0b2b2-b9e5-45cf-8ad7-530eaf5ba0f4_720_.jpg7399c3ad-9984-4cad-aeea-2206e49cea24_720_.jpg732f2497-5e23-4514-98d7-3b7d6fe590d4_720_.jpgA8047e68-da14-4268-b183-cd2c47870991_720_.jpgDb01c28e-da55-4f27-9e22-9f204f61b699_720_.jpg65828191-170b-4613-9749-9229b071b9d0_720_.jpg


Friends have to play exciting, so. See you in Chengdu Happy Valley

Unfortunately, the weather on the last day of the trip was very bad, and I wasted a ticket to Happy Valley. The traffic in Happy Valley is quite convenient. You can take Metro Line 2 to the [Chadianzi] Bus Terminal Station, then transfer to 749, 663 to get off at OCT Station, or get off at Chuanshi Film and Television College and go to campus. Let's play, after all, this school is an art candidate, a lot of beautiful guys. But what is embarrassing. I went to the Happy Valley several times with my friends. I didn’t play anything. After all, I’m afraid of high, coughing and coughing. Closer to home, Chengdu Happy Valley is China's third Happy Valley amusement park, but the scale is not much smaller than Beijing Happy Valley and Shenzhen Happy Valley, and even many devices are the first in China. Personal advice is to enter the park after 6:30, after all, tickets are not only half cheaper, there will be fewer people at night, waiting in the daytime to wait, and there is a flavor in the evening. Remind everyone: If your heart is not good or you can't play a stimulating project, please don't play for a while. After all, there is a problem with playing jumpers.Bd5bb70f-5e33-4358-9a74-eb93cce19c0e_720_.jpg12577690-cc43-492b-ab91-264f75fdc1c6_720_.jpg37091421-ec19-43e0-8021-3fad40657c20_720_.jpgE76b05b2-c3a6-47e0-a8fc-323bb0fb56e1_720_.jpg8f145e70-0e40-4a26-9c44-a6c4ac579955_720_.jpg3db03010-9b95-4455-b496-6044bfe266f5_720_.jpgA5630fa9-df7c-4760-a081-e3b2a058b92c_720_.jpgA7ed0154-abe9-471b-8f3b-f7d38f5e6b98_720_.jpgA631dd06-88ec-4e51-8335-0039bce76c9d_720_.jpgCd697397-cb28-4042-b481-ddf25964c832_720_.jpg35866195-60ad-4094-b852-828f6099ed16_720_.jpgC9c45491-90c5-4c0b-a67a-2de1c25d4fa1_720_.jpgF2351b26-7d28-4ea3-8e27-c4d0f4ad5a72_720_.jpg46831ef0-9a65-45ae-bdd6-edbf48588823_720_.jpg


The last delicious meal, I chose to eat Shandong cuisine.

This shop is located on the 5th floor of R&F Tianhui Building, Hummer City, on the 4th line. It was introduced by friends. After the taste, it tastes really good. It is also a small comfort when you leave. Share it here.A897cc9b-278a-46d1-b1a6-50f4dc8b8889_720_.jpgFb8a0411-9643-42c3-a145-f9d5c4f59b9a_720_.jpg562a47fe-6a42-4fec-b1e6-aeb9d1c8cfc6_720_.jpg

This place is also the most concentrated place for accommodation in Chengdu. If you choose to live here, you can climb to the top of the building to see the night scene at night.42bd3a41-8e7d-4743-b765-895d49a02a5e_720_.jpg


Parting is always sad and joyful, although I can’t bear it, but the beginning of the next trip will be happy~

The Chengdu East Railway Station is mainly operated by high-speed trains. It looks like the Nanjing Station. It is a square column type. You can see the four characters at the top of the station building - Chengdu East Station. Looking at the front, there are bronze sculptures on both sides, and there is a large glass wall in the middle. The space inside the station is very large. Not only the railway station, but also the subway station is also built in the station. It takes a long time to get off the train. The station is located in Chenghua District, Chengdu. Take Metro Line 2 and get off at the “East Railway Station” stop. It will be in the station and close to the ticket gate. There are many bronze sculptures outside Chengdu East Station, which is also the embodiment of the ancient culture of Bayu. There are many hotels next to it, and accommodation is convenient. It is worth mentioning that: Chengdu East Railway Station is surrounded by black cars, specializing in slaughtering foreign tourists, I hope everyone will not be pit. When I left, my mood was still quite sad. After all, there are so many delicious and fun things in Chengdu that I haven’t eaten and played all over, but I’m sorry that it’s always good, so I have an excuse to come back next time. I brought some souvenirs, mainly Beef jerky and hot pot bottom material, it is recommended that you buy these things directly to the supermarket to buy, the price is cheap to choose more, there is no need to go to the specialty supermarket, the price is expensive ~ see Chengdu, the next time you come to a gourmet experience~155a6734-e37c-4a0c-8feb-3a35a893cb5d_720_.jpg

"And I walked in the streets of Chengdu, oh ~ 喔 ~ until all the lights are extinguished and do not look back" 
Zhao Lei, a "Chengdu" fire all over the summer of 2017, also ignited the boys and girls are heart; can say In the past few years, Chengdu has added a big chunk of its already hot tourist base. Although there are many people coming, aren't they playing well? Let's talk about it~ 
If you want me to choose a city that I must go every year, then Chengdu must be on the list. Whether it is the cuisine of Chengdu, the humanity of Chengdu, or the beauty of Chengdu, people are reluctant to leave. According to the traveler's itinerary, you can play Chengdu in five days, but if you are from the heart of eating goods, it will not be enough for a long time. After all, there are tens of thousands of restaurants, even if you eat one every day. The restaurant has to eat for decades, and the name of the food capital is not covered. 
For Chengdu, everyone has their own opinions. Maybe I want to come to eat food like me, and there are also giant pandas. There are also purely for the beauty, but the change is not to leave the sect, travel still has to "play", so today to share with you a little dry goods, eat and drink all, play an authentic Chengdu ~ 
trip planning: 
D1: Chongqing - Chengdu - Kuanzhai Alley - Jinli - Bistro - Jiahao Forstar Hotel - Old Revolutionary Hot Pot 
D2: Jiahao Fusida Hotel Breakfast Restaurant - Qingyang Palace - Wenshuyuan - Tianfu Square - Chunxi Road - Dacien Temple - Swire years - rotary small pot - the stars we Hostelling international 
D3: Huanhuaxi Park - people's Park - white house broth powder - Chengdu The Ritz-Court holiday apartments - Sichuan University - cattle Hualv Yuan string 
D4: Giant panda base - We are Butterfly Pavilion - old Zhong dumplings - Qi Jin bookstore - Qintai Road Antique Street - Zi Xiang pot strings of string - Namasia Bruce Inn 
D5: Namasia Garden Inn Brooklyn - Happy Valley Chengdu - Chengdu East Railway Station


 Chongqing - Chengdu

The climate in Chengdu is relatively mild. As long as it is not cool, it is always cool. Therefore, you will often see two opposites on the street. Some people wear autumn long-sleeved jackets, while others are short-sleeved shorts. Adding slippers, it is estimated that the moment when two people pass by, they will silently say in their hearts: "Is this goods not cold?" "Is this goods not hot?" So if the clothing is from Chengdu to April and May, It is best to bring a set of spring and autumn long-sleeved clothes, and then bring two sets of summer clothes. There are many foods in Chengdu. Here are some things to note: 1. Don’t be tempted to be delicious. Many tourists come to the hot pot, and it is difficult to go to the toilet when they finally leave. 2, personally feel that there is no need to pursue the online red shop. Nowadays, many online red stores are selling money and asking people to sell them. If the taste is unpalatable, they will be written in a big way. If you don’t talk about the taste, the price is expensive, and it is troublesome to queue up, so this thing depends on your choice. 3, pay attention to property security and anti-fraud anti-fraud. As the largest city in the west, Chengdu has gathered people from all over the world. As the saying goes, "There are hundreds of people in different colors." There are always bad people and good people. But these ones must also be vigilant, like Jinli and Kuanzhai. Many times the alleys are crowded with people, giving the thief some opportunities. 4, Chunxi Road liar should pay attention. Chunxi Road, a lot of young people with a stack of small cards on the side of the road, people who see single women and students look up and give you a hand, don’t pick them up, because they are squatting in their mouths. Free experience, but once you pick up the card, you will pull all kinds of grinds right away, until you get into the store. After you go in, you will be able to make hair-painting things for you, and you will be free for free, then get half of it. I started to ask for money, and many female students in Chengdu were cheated. 5, cash does not need to bring much, Chengdu's mobile payment is very developed, the stall farmers are hanging two-dimensional code for you to sweep. 6, ID card, student ID remember to bring, Chengdu's attractions tickets are not expensive, but with a student card can save a little bit. 7. Attention to the photos of the attractions, now Chengdu, a lot of Goku, Ba Jie, and the traditional Tong people have begun to routinely travel outside the tourists, seeing the passing tourists on the front to take a group photo, after the filming, said to collect money, this is a little small Pit, especially the "monkey brother" who wanders in the People's Park, likes to lie with children.



Chongqing and Chengdu are the southwestern twin stars. The traffic between the two places is very convenient. There are many trains and cars every day. The price of the car is fixed. The high-speed bus is 98 yuan per person. The train price is more than one. The speed is 46.5 yuan. More than four hours, but can grab the Z-head direct car, the running time is shortened to 3 hours; the engine D-head: 96.5 yuan, running time 2 hours 14 minutes; E-group G head: 154 yuan, running time 1 hour 30 minutes to 1 hour and 54 minutes. Looking at my own choice, I personally recommend the D-head car group, and the G-head time is not much difference, but the price is much cheaper.Fbf59e5d-e4da-42a2-b55f-c4b91e6b67fe_720_.jpg


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