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Dujiangyuan and Huanglong - Monkeys, a gigantic river, pools
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It was June and we took a really long bus drive to Dujiangyuan, which consisted of a series of temples around a gigantic river. In the beginning we did a really bad flash mob singing ‘Land Down Under’. After leaving that cringe-worthy moment behind, we were basically forced to take pictures with these guys in monkey suits. That was before we realized we had to pay. 

We took a lot of pictures, but Che'la, Tamara and I kept getting left behind because the teachers were walking too fast. Walking from temple to temple was basically all stairs, which was painful. The place was beautiful, and it was sad we had to go. We walked a million miles to the bus to get to lunch, which was one of the best lunches I'd eaten out so far. We then drove to some white water rafting place, but for some reason we couldn't go, and just went back to school. It was probably my favourite excursion so far. 

We left on a bus very early on Sunday morning and arrived at the Yellow Dragon pools. The drive here was 'flippin' GORGEOUS! We saw some great mountains in the distance with snow on them…it was honestly so cool and the scenery was magnificent! Seeing these Yellow Dragon Pools was EXTRAORDINARY. It was so beautiful, I just can't explain it! The colour of these pools was also crazy. It was quite a long walk to see most of them but it was definitely worth it - just AMAZING! (sorry for so many adjectives). We then hopped back on the bus and arrived at Jiuzhaigou where we checked in to our lovely hotel rooms and had a delicious dinner. It was also really cold at both the Yellow Dragon Pools and Jiuzhaigou, but I really enjoyed it because we don’t get to experience it too often. 

We went to bed rather late because we were just so excited thinking about the experiences we were going to have…and honestly (still) just the fact that we’re in China, blows my mind! 

The next day we woke up quite early again and the class went to Jiuzhaigou National Park - possibly the prettiest place I’ve been to! There were many lakes, all amazing blue and green colours and, of course, magnificent scenery, most of the class spent a few hours here but Ken, Arlene and I spent the whole day there! It was tiring but again definitely worth it! That night we saw a performance, it was quite a big production and was absolutely fantastic, I loved it! I can’t wait to keep exploring new places and create some amazing memories! 


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