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Tour Chengdu Tangchang Ancient Town
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Sichuan Tang Chang town Pi Pi are located in all areas Area, Dujiangyan , Pengzhou three states intersection thoroughfare, the ancient times called Chong County , ancient western Sichuan most prosperousof the five counties "warm, Pi, worship, new, irrigation," which the "worship" that is, Chong County , which is today the Tang Chang town. It is only 28 kilometers drive from Chengdu via the Shaxi Line to Tangchang. There is a Chongning Heroes Monument in Tangchang Park, which has a very high commemorative value. Moreover, the park has a long and splendid culture and peace and leisure in the park, and there is no competition for the world, and the elegant and elegant style. The small bridges in the park, the pavilions, the lotus ponds, the fish trees, the old trees and the flowers, one mountain and one stone, all of them are full of cultural atmosphere. The small bridge stone carving is exquisite and unique, and two tortoises are guarding the bridge head. Dragon head dragon dragon must be long-eyed, lifelike. Lan Wall Painting--Chongning Ancient Rhyme Picture is delicate and delicate, showing the bustling street scene of Chongning-Tangchang in ancient times and the architectural style of ancient architecture. The historic sites in the park are well preserved, Meihuajing, Qixiu Gallery, Zhengbicao Pavilion, Sloping Green Barn, Chongli, Range Rover Pavilions; Round Gate Blue Wall, Qingyuan Qingyi, full of literary texts, profound meaning, long flowing . 撷秀廊--The old tree is idyllic, the fish and birds are innocent; the corner of the Lanshen Pavilion is elegant and elegant, and the four seasons continue to flow; Chongli Pavilion--Zhu Meixiang Gujing, Mingyue Jingting Pavilion; The word of the pavilion--the peony red contains three paths of rain, the banana green leaves a cold; the Qingyuan --the flower willows have no private reward, the garden is waiting for me to stay; the clear Liu will follow the wind. The green slanting slanted out of the essence of leisure and flowing--everything with the passing of water, a glimpse of the oblique sun. It reflects the spirit of the people of Tangchang who are peaceful and rich.

Special snacks 
To Tangchang, snacks, the price is not expensive, the taste is good. The oil cake moisturizes the leaves, and the one dollar can be tasted. The hot nourishment is wrapped in the fragrant soy noodles, and then topped with the red sugar juice like hot honey sauce, but the fragrance is in the nose, sticking to the mouth, sweet in the heart. In fact, it is a simple practice of three cannons in the rural home snacks. The small dishes in the market of Tangchang Linjie are fresh and cheap, and the long ones are not good-looking. Most of them are self-produced by local villagers. The farmer's fertilizer is poured out, and it is delicious and delicious. It is much more delicious than the vegetables in Datian base. Xiaonan Street Street's spicy potato authentic Sichuan flavor, Xiaobei Street Zhuji beef restaurant, featuring clear soup, red soup, steamed beef, the taste is unique, unique in the area! Yang copied the hand, the craft has been passed on to the third generation, dumplings, beef noodles, fat sausage powder, a strong top. 


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