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Tulou, Quanzhou,morning!
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Earth Building has always been one of my Fujian version of the Pearl, this trip is a temporary decision, only one week from the departure time to prepare, and coincided with the peak of summer vacation, and peer feminine fur urgent discussion for a whole weekend, both head Want to hurt, and finally set the schedule.

due to the summer vacation in the air tickets, train tickets all kinds of expensive, out of stock, during which we considered a variety of circuitous routes, take City, Zhangzhou, Xiamen ... ... integrated a variety of fares, tickets, convenience, the conclusion Is to go in and out from Quanzhou, Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport - Quanzhou Station - High Speed ​​Rail Longyan Station - Longyan Bus Station - Hongkeng. Although not the most convenient route, but only so. In general, direct access to Zhangzhou, or take a high-speed rail from Xiamen to Zhangzhou, Longyan is a more conventional route. Zhangzhou, Longyan to Xiamen north of the motor car as long as ten minutes and more than an hour. However, far from the urban area of ​​Xiamen north, from Xiamen airport also has more than 1 hour's journey.

Yongding, Nanjing Tulou group there are many basic places to live, this time we go mainly Yongding Tulou, in fact, is based on the inn to decide. I am very much looking forward to the experience of living in the Earthen Tower, so I decided the destination with the inn. After repeated comparison, set the Hongkeng earth buildings in the Fook Yu floor Chang Inn, booked the most expensive inn "master room", also more than 100 yuan. Inn details described later.

Quanzhou Inn is the oldest inn in Quanzhou West Street in the characteristics of the inn, as leaving the Yuan Temple near, but also distinctive, the name of "Quanzhou New Street 54 coffee inn" is also more than 100 yuan set the most expensive "to youth Theme room.

D1 morning flight, Quanzhou Food Street lunch, afternoon turnaround arrival Hong pit stay. Night was taken to the high northern earth buildings.
D2 chartered play day, the route is to the inn and the boss set. The last to go is Nanxi, Chu River line. Give up the snail pit.
D3 left in the afternoon, arrived in Quanzhou stay. Evening play Tin Hau Temple, Temple and other monuments.
D4 Kaiyuan Temple, West Street. Noon flight back.

sum up in front:

Two highly recommended - on the Earthen:
play Earthen, do not stay in the Earthen one or two days, the difference is great experience. Earthen although the United States, but to be honest to see really have visual fatigue, or square or round, although the odd, but the establishment of unity. However, the enjoyment of the Tulou trip not only in viewing the Tulou itself, as well as the environment where the Tulou is located, the village, the food, the wind blows the banana, the stream transfer, the tea garden again and again, Do not want to go. Even in my 12 years experience of backpacks, is also a rare pleasant place.
Two highly recommended - on Quanzhou:
Quanzhou tourism is not significant, unknown, little online information, go to the local before eating and drinking basically no concept, only know Kaiyuan Temple, there Hou Hou Po woman meat dumplings. But after going, I discovered that this is really a food rich, cheap shopping, shops no less than the prosperity of Guangzhou, monuments throughout the world is not demonstrated, condolences, rich nostalgia, it is recommended!

Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport
With a longing for a quiet night of tranquility in the Tulou, we hurried off. 8:45 Shanghai Hongqiao flight delayed until 9:00 take off. 10:30 arrived in Quanzhou. Jinjiang Airport is very small, only one entrance, out of the opposite is TAXI site. Under the scorching sun, queuing TAXI is quite a lot of passengers. Raiders on the Internet check Jinjiang TAXI Zai off the airport, do not hit the table. Sure enough, the driver said waiting for more than 2 hours, and do not hit 80 yuan to downtown. Suddenly in the heart of blood, and very helpless ... ...
Later asked to drive in Quanzhou drivers, they say that Jinjiang is Jinjiang, Quanzhou is Quanzhou, not the same boundaries, Jinjiang drivers do not play table, as Quanzhou formal. If you play the table, the normal from the airport to Quanzhou also 40 +.

Quanzhou Food Street
Say that pit father driver sent to Quanzhou Food Street. Quanzhou tourism is underdeveloped, online Quanzhou little information, including the Food Street, we also know little about, that is, online to see such a street, are very worried to be disappointed. However, Wan never thought that although the food market under the scorching sun was indeed crowded, the size of the street is quite large and there are still many shops. And the driver said to eat ginger duck, the driver stopped us directly at Food Street near Jiuyi intersection, where next to three ginger duck shop. Every family is a century-old look, all-wood home-style wooden tables and chairs, in front of a dozen burned yellow coke black pot, emitting a rich ginger flavor.

We can not tell which is good or bad, into the middle of the house randomly selected, ginger duck 65 yuan / copies, slightly more than 2 people, plus copies of duck blood 4 yuan. A pot on the end, immediately overflowing fragrance, duck stew crisp, duck blood is a flat dry flat, not usually eat hot pot of fresh duck blood. I really like to eat ginger, it is estimated that people who do not like ginger will cover the nose away. Pot can be served with rice, and the other point of fried sweet potato leaves and oyster omelets. Ever since I had eaten oyster omelets in Xiamen, I have been in Shanghai and Beijing as long as I can see this dish, but I have never been satisfied with it. The oyster omelets in this house made me realize the taste of Xiamen when it was first tasted. This meal is very satisfied to eat, 2 individuals can not eat, checkout 110 yuan.

Hakka Tulou Folk Culture Village (Hong Hang)
After 12 o'clock departure, go out and turn right to Jiuyou left after the junction, turn left after the crossroads, do not cross the road, that is, 33 Road Station, you can go to Quanzhou Station. But we are afraid too late or a taxi, arrived in Quanzhou station after 20 minutes, spending 30+ yuan.
Quanzhou station departure layer in 2F. Take the motor car at 13:04 minutes, via Jinjiang, Xiamen North, Nanjing, arrived at Longyan station more than 1 child. Right turn right is the bus station. 21 Road from the train station to Longyan bus station. Wait for ten minutes car came, coin 1 yuan, 5 minutes to that. Longyan bus station commonly known as the old station, the name is called the bus station. At 3:20, we bought 3:55 tickets to Hong Hang. Longyan - Hongkeng car pretty much, but very few passengers.

Sitting a full two hours, 17:50, finally arrived at the destination - Hung Hang Folk Culture Village. From the early morning flight, spent most of the day, arrived at dusk time destination. Upon arrival at Hong Hang, the car passes through the scenic ticket hall first and then along the outer commercial street all the way to the village lane. Hongkeng see the ticket office, scenic center, commercial street are built a brand new, style, is indeed a World Heritage area. Outside the village of Hongkeng saw a very tall hotel - Earth Tower Prince Hotel, it is estimated that the best here.
The last car, we only up and down two individuals, the driver went to the village a car wash to put us down, let us call the inn to pick up. Waited, will live in Fuyu floor often inn owner driving a car to pick us up, a simple and honest young man, a face is very enthusiastic. Take us to the scenic center first to buy tickets, tickets can be entered, even if living in the area can not be an exception.

Hong Hang tickets:
adult ticket 90 yuan. Effective for many days, free access to Hong Hang. Student card half price, and check lax. With the tickets in the village are free to visit, the basic need to show tickets. But in Zhencheng Lou to the locals to bring up, to pay the locals 5 yuan / person. Upstairs want to shoot at the best photography point, another 10 yuan.

like we pack a car tour in the inn, access to the inn will be responsible for the transfer, but 10-16 points is to forbid any vehicle to enter, even if the inn's car, have to wait for 16 points before going in. Individuals in the ticket office can take the battery car, 10 yuan / person to Zhencheng floor. In the village can sit Mount, very much pull off, the price is unknown.
Another our inn has a bike, rented for free to us. However, in the village shopping time, did not see other than us, other riders. There should be no public car rental point.

Earthen distribution and chartered:
Fujian Earthen divided mainly Zhangzhou City, Nanjing Tulou, and Longyan Tulou. Our basic shopping is Yongding.
Departure from Hongkeng, you can go to Nanxi, Chu River, Tianluo pit, clouds and other rumors and other routes. We went to Nanxi and Chuxi. Bao is 150 yuan / car, take up to two people up. Chartered car is 300 yuan / car, you can take 7 people. More people certainly is chartered and cost-effective and comfortable. As we went in August, the hot sun, it must be chartered. The car to the inn, then talk to the boss is not urgent.

Fu Yu Chang Chang Inn floor
Fuyu House is also one of the famous scenic spots of Hongkeng. It is a square earthen earthen building on the middle of the stream, which is divided into three roads on the left and the right. The left is the second son of a family of families, the other side of the right pulse, and now has been opened up as our permanent 埭 Inn, Middle Road is for the Church, is a public area. Each yard is before and after the two into the house, the first into the lobby is the lobby, the garden, guests eat, tea here, the second into the backyard, kitchen, and finally the highest that building is the inn, enough to have five floors. From the 2nd floor to the 5th floor, each floor of 2 rooms, each corridor is a living room facing the window, different layers of arrangement, with tea, reading and writing, mahjong, facing the courtyard, overlooking the whole Very comfortable. In-room facilities but not very good.
We set the most expensive young master room, actually the highest 5th floor, although the field of vision is good, the corridor is very elegant, but think every time you want to climb five floors, the most surprising is that I do not have a separate bathroom, take a bath Go to the 4th floor, not as good as the fourth floor of the general standard, from the bathroom still near point. And in-room facilities and other floors in fact no different, the same is a small space, simple furniture and small windows. Bathroom is a shower, a small space, supplies have, but to bring their own towels. However, the overall situation in terms of earth building, our hotel is better hardware facilities. Moreover, the vestibule garden, and good service is indeed a lot of extra points. I very much like the living room on all floors, red lanterns hanging under the eaves, our 5th floor living room is a cafe and a book bar, as well as the four treasures placed on the table, sitting very comfortable window.

Dark days, dinner in the inn to eat, the price tag, can sit in their elegant and beautiful courtyard, eat in the lobby, the environment is very comfortable. A half a chicken soup 60 yuan, mushrooms pork, fried vegetables, potato silk, a total of 140 yuan, less time to check out the landlord said we are students even 110. A grateful ~ ~ There are brewed rice wine in the inn, 8 yuan / cup, Sheng in blue and white porcelain cup, taste like plum juice, sweet and sour Qin Liang, very good drink, less reminded that this wine can not drink repeatedly before the landlord To be drunk, but we are like a cup of lower abdomen to drink fruit juice, a little intoxicating, people shocked. Fewer landlord gave us a cup for each person, confiscation of money, so I am sorry to have another cup, afraid he is not counting money. In short, thanks to the "student" status thanks to save a lot of money.

Cheng Kai floor
When he was having dinner, he said that at night, he was going to find a painter and friend in the village of Gao North, where the apartment building next door was to be opened. They deliberated on their trip to Tibet and took us to start building on the way. We are pleased to promise. 8:00 less when the landlord took the car took us away, 15 minutes to a high north. Less landlord to go next Chai Fuk House to find friends, we started to play on the floor. There are some lights at night in the village, but few tourists, a few old ladies solo business in front of the building. See us to take the initiative to approve, saying that they are the landlord's home, received 10 yuan / person can take us upstairs to take pictures. Into the building, the old lady stay with us, and we say that during the day Chengqi floor tickets 50 yuan, and visitors can not personally go upstairs to shoot that ultra-classic Chengqi overlooking the panoramic view, only pay 20 yuan / The price of a camera, the camera handed up, let the above staff patted and then get back, even the residents of the building can not be up during the day on the roof, the security guarded the stairs every day at 5:30. Only night security get off work, we can take this to take pictures of ourselves. On this day, Cheng Kai House did not light up. There was a black light on fire. Although we were standing at the sacred and invincible position during the day, it was better than spending money on behalf of others.
Because of too dark to see the details of the Kai-liter floor, as expected, as seen online, layers of circles, to the surrounding, this is our first trip to see this famous Tulou, quite an eye-opener.

When waiting for dinner, less landlord recommended us to go to the tea garden tea, a very deignful Minnan uncle give us tea, was actually the landlord less dad, big BOSS. I thought every floor of the landlord is the only original property in the building as long as the landlord is the landlord, the landlord is not equal to the patriarch. Inn less landlord than I was 2 years old boy is the son of this vein, the old gentleman is one of the previous generation of the landlord. Mr. Lao is very skilled, naturally, to sell a lot of tea to us, but also tell us history. Because we thought we were students, are still very refreshing to buy tea discount. We bought two kinds of homemade soil smoke (Hongkeng village is producing smoke), the original 100 yuan to sell 90 yuan / Article, the original 200 yuan to sell 150 yuan / Article, 6 orange tea (emptied of orange, tea Into the dried, an orange is a pack of tea) 170 yuan, a total of 410 yuan, also sent a bottle of liver tea (10 million) check even when the credit card! It is said that during the day the group sold more expensive.

Hakka Tulou Folk Culture Village (Hong Hang)
Last night and the inn set a chartered car, a seven-seater van, we sit 2 people, 300 yuan / day, take the first stream / Nanxi line. Originally, I wanted to set a set together, the day after tomorrow to go on the pit, but less landlord said the first day of the day to finish say, we will be fatigued. Due to Mao said Chunsi Nanxi more simple and beautiful scenery, and tickets cheap, Tiancre pit just reputation, tickets are too expensive, the actual river as good as early, so I chose to go this first.

Nanxi Tulou Group (Zhenfu House)
Although the direction of the South Creek and Chu River in a direction, but after a period of Hongkeng out of a turntable after the turn off the two roads. We went to Nanxi, 20 minutes after the car, passing a princess building viewing platform stopped the car. This is more attractions, we have no prior arrangements, the driver took us along the way. The observation deck to the princess from the side of the road to take a trail, really went to the viewing platform to take pictures is to charge, but because the attraction is not very popular, less tourists, we came earlier, when the people who have not paid Come. Viewing platform in the mountains opposite the Princess House package, far below the field can be seen in a circular Tulou. Originally want to continue to go to the field fur hair, but was discouraged by the driver, and then go further villagers will see, it is necessary to charge. So we just took a photo on the viewing platform. Alas, the hearts and minds of the business community are sighing.

Yongding Hakka Nanxi Tulou group
After doing a few pictures of the thief, then continue the car toward the direction of South Creek opened for 20 minutes, arrived at the South Creek Tulou Observatory. Nanxi's landscape is in the middle of the two mountains, there is a long narrow gully, a stream through which, in the ditch distribution of old and new mixed buildings, of which three square earth from large to small lined up, The most eye-catching. However, it is a pity that newly-built cement buildings are also involved. The whole village does not have good planning and development.
Observation deck overlooking the ditch in the top of the hill, there is a small lighthouse tower, unattended. The driver said that in the future may have to pay. Scenic view of Taiwan is very good, such as blue sky wash, Castle Peak, one can be expected to see the end of the village's building is very clear.
Under the observation deck, parked village head, we both get off at the village free excursions, without tickets. The forest paths on both sides of the village are well-mannered, with a stream flowing through the village cascading down the cascade. Big noon is the sun, a villager did not, only we shake outside. Several earthen buildings are free to open, the villagers are very easy-going, we can go upstairs to visit.

Yongding Hakka early stream earth building group
Visited for more than an hour, the end of the trip to Nanxi, decided to visit early Creek. The car turned back to the direction of Hong Hang opened for a while, at the turntable at another direction to drive, 40 minutes after the beginning of tick Creek area. Early Creek viewing platform, visit set Qing Building are to be charged, students half price 35 yuan. Observation deck in front of a small village in the village, climb 15 minutes to reach the top, saw a well-built platform, wide field of vision, is on the Tulou group, at a glance the scenery, photography point of view good.
I saw three rounds of one side of four large earthen lined up in the village in the most prominent central location, followed by a square, and a few large and small earthen buildings, the entire village back Castle Peak, before the water, feng shui a look very it is good. And concentrated in the earth building, and no disorderly build a new house, it really is preserved more intact, simple place, deserved reputation.

Quanzhou New Street 54 coffee inn
Because the day before can not buy Longyan - Quanzhou full ticket, you can only buy Longyan - Xiamen North, get on the bus and then fill Xiamen North - Quanzhou station ticket.
7:20 Hongcun car to Longyan, listen to the boss's advice early in this class, a little insurance. 7:05 Inn sent us to the car, 7:15 to the so-called Hong Hang station, in fact, is a small shop opposite the Folklore Village archway, there is no sign of the station, shop on the wall close to the timetable. Bought a ticket at the store Next to an early stall, we also said it was too late to eat, but the innkeeper let us rest assured that the ticket office said to drive to drive. We hurried to eat noodles, 10 yuan. The car came, that is, rural CMB, the car is a fellow, all the way off passengers, halfway repair car tires. 3H opened to Longyan, more than an hour came over from Longyan, but fortunately, as early as leaving a bus. The car took the 10 yuan tricycle to Longyan Station, successfully got on the bus, in Xiamen North - Quanzhou Station 20 yuan / person station ticket, the entire ride 40 minutes, arrived in Quanzhou.
Quanzhou station take a taxi to the West Street Inn, 20 yuan to the West, the car can not enter the alley, can only Ting quite in the West. Get off and walk for 5 minutes, touched the 54th Street, our inn. Inn hidden Lane, a good style, a beautiful courtyard, garden cafe. Lobby layout is very bookish, a combination of tea bar, book bar. There is only one floor of the whole building, and the backyard of the vestibule is a guest room, each different. Noon no guests, the front desk is not in the process of waiting for us to open each room have a look. Very desirable garden bed, tatami and star anise garden room, these three rooms light well, beautifully furnished, but in the lobby, privacy is not good. We booked to the youth twin room, the shop the most expensive, also more than a hundred, location in the backyard, privacy is better, but the facilities on the average.
Quanzhou New Street 54 coffee inn. 18959965167.

Quanzhou West Street
Very sun at noon, eat near. Go out to the West Street turn right is Kaiyuan Temple, one can see the towering towering complex, none other than non-New Century Temple tower. Along the way there are tea shops, Wang Shu soil shoots frozen (fine soil shoots frozen 10 yuan, octopus sashimi 13 yuan), Mashi rice noodles (the shop there are all kinds of cold dishes), there are several are hot spring rolls Leather shop, all the name of the tip of the tongue propaganda. If the left turn in the West, it is to the Bell Tower, Zhongshan North junction, is a busy juncture, there are many shops and snack stalls.

Kaiyuan Temple Street

Quanzhou Tin Hau Temple
After eating back to sleep in the room to hide the sun, going to see the Temple of Heaven in the evening. Sleep until 16:30, really with the vision of the Temple of Heaven, very difficult to force myself to get up. On the West Street called a tricycle, 10 dollars, all mannered all the way to the Temple of Heaven. Follow Zhongshan Road all the way left in the end that is. Zhongshan Road, I am very surprised, but also an eye-opener to Quanzhou some. It is all the way along the old arcades, downstairs clothing shops, snack bars one by one, very distinctive, this trip by mistake hit the unpleasant surprises.
To the Temple of Heaven, the first one is to see the local famous snack bar - Masamori plaster, overcrowded ah, the old-fashioned store, full of people outside the shop. I intend to advanced Tianhou Temple and then full of delicious food. Tin Hau Temple closed at 18 o'clock, 17:45 clearance, free and open. Close to close, few people, only some of the citizens in the courtyard playing cards, very clean.
The ancient temples in Fujian are notable for their ancient architecture. They are distinctive and unified as a whole. Their exaggerated three-dimensional colorful carvings cover the ridges, friezes and eaves. The roof is the focal point of decoration. The ridge is concave in the middle and curving up in two.
The main hall of Thean Hou Temple is a heavy eaves fold show, the main hall itself double eaves, the front desk base covered with a layer of eaves, so far from top to bottom three eaves, out of the eaves far, broad style, magnificent .
On the main hall of the gate and the stage is also very beautiful. Mountain Gate five rooms, the middle of the three larger, each on both sides of a short section. After the eaves of the mountain gate attached to the stage, the stage has its own layer of cornices, so the stage and the gate of both the one, from front to back, from high to low as a group of three eaves of the building, harmonious and magnificent. Taiwan octagonal caisson wells, layers of close together, the most inner circle of octagonal face carved Immortals statues, just see life.
Outside the mountain door for a Que House, Bell and Drum respectively, built outside the gate is quite rare.
From the inside to the outside after a cruise again, sitting on the empty stage quietly watching the main hall covered with red lanterns, the square in front of the banyan shade, spacious and quiet, which is what I have been longing for. Not in a hurry, no one noisy, you can quietly admire the ancient building quietly watching, savor, every second are extremely calm, happy, better than looking at the sea even more tranquil than listening poetry Satisfying.

Bingzheng Shi Hua cream
I sat so fast until the plush woke up called the tricycle rushed over, waiting for her to finish a circle, here completely closed the palace. I will take her to eat stone cream.
Stone cream 6 yuan / copies, the first to buy brand, and then follow the flow of people lined up to the window filled with various materials, enough to have a dozen kinds of materials placed on the table, pineapple, watermelon, taro, taro, pearl, red beans, green beans ... and about to eat shaved ice, optional 4 kinds of material, so called four fruit soup. After the election is usually 3 samples plus a stone paste. This is a kind of transparent paste made of powder made of stone flowers, just like jelly jelly. Four kinds of bowl scoop material, add a cold water, it became a bowl of sweet summer dessert.

One after another went for 20 minutes, the sky was dark, all the way to Tumen Street - Quanzhou famous Street, but online information on the entire Quanzhou are very few, I knew nothing about them, See that bustling bright Avenue at the beginning, very surprised. Tumen Street busy, brightly lit, full of people, everyone neon lights shop, now I completely fell in love with Quanzhou. Quanzhou, although the name is not accessible, but its people, prosperity, nostalgia, exactly the same with Guangzhou.

Zhongshan Road, Quanzhou was originally China's top ten historical street, and Shanghai Jinling Road is very much the same, both sides of the street are the old arcades, upstairs, downstairs merchants, rich early Western gradual, Sino-Western nostalgic taste. All the way through a jelly shop, the business is excellent, are locals, so we also go to line up, a cage of 6 yuan, a long time to finally buy a row, really one by one small shop, the local people are dipped Hot sauce to eat, but the taste is very ordinary, suddenly do not understand why so many locals sought after.
After dinner is sunset, we decided to go along the direction of Temple Road to Zhongshan section of the road. Results all the way to those nostalgic arcade and snack bar frequently attracted, but also hit the tricycle, walked to the Temple.
Quanzhou Zhongshan Road


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