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Central Plains - Songshan, Shaolin tour
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I do not know if you have found that you are surrounded by a group of people who do not want to be in a house on Saturday and Sunday. Instead, they are carrying large bags and walking in the mountains to explore the beauty that ordinary people can hardly see and why so many people choose to go Mountaineering, go hiking, go through? Fashion, trend, follow suit, ghetto door? I think everyone can give a different answer I am willing to hear someone will give me the same answer to me Why do we walk? We want to go on a constant walk to find the true meaning of the journey of life, we want to think about the meaning of life in a step by step footprint, we want to experience the extreme pleasure in extreme fatigue, we want to share those Destined to be seen only by a few people No one can stop the heart of the longing for freedom; no one can stop the heart of the thirst for wandering Like many people, I also like quiet life, like drinking coffee in the sun Holiday, like sweat in the pitch, like you back that shallow smile, but why should I travel? Just in the tired life, looking for the quiet soul 2012 Dragon Boat Festival, tour around China plans to begin again, the goal of Yue Songshan, Shaolin Temple.

Three Huangzhai
Songshan is located in the western part of Henan Province in central and eastern China. In ancient times, it was said that the foreign party, Songgao, and lofty are the Zhongyue Songshan after the Five Dynasties. It is composed of Taishan Mountain and Shaotu Mountain, with the peak reaching 1512 meters. The area is 450 square kilometers and the east-west stretches more than 60 kilometers. According to the capital, Zhengzhou will be the capital in the east, Luoyang in the ancient capital to the 13th Dynasty in the west, Ying River to the south and the Yellow River to the north . Is the birthplace of the Chinese nation and the birthplace of Chinese civilization. It is a world-famous scenic spot and is listed among the first batch of world geological parks and world cultural heritages. Central Songshan to Shaolin River as the boundary, east too Mount, west of the Shaotu mountains; two mountainous peaks, stretching across the South Bank of the Yellow River. According to the form of these mountains, the kings of ancient dynasties named the relatives, the poets, the monks and Taoists, and named these seventy-two peaks.

Three King Walled belongs to a scenic area of ​​Songshan, stalactite column is very beautiful and stunning, there is not to three Huangzhai, in vain to Songshan one said. Three Huangzhai Dengfeng urban a bit far away from home when asked the hotel owner asked the road, take the first section of the bus and then turn the van, a little trouble. When it was Friday, few people, walked about two and a half hours will probably see the 7,8 individuals, until the Shaolin Temple gradually increased talent.


Shaolin Temple Scenic Area
Shaolin Temple west of the ancient capital of the ancient capital of 49 kilometers Luoyang, 66 kilometers east of Zhengzhou. Shaolin Temple is a Buddhist temple renowned both at home and abroad in the ancient capital of Luoyang. It is located in the western foot of Zhongyue Songshan, 13 kilometers northwest of Dengfeng City, east of the ancient capital of Luoyang. It is surrounded by mountains and surrounded by peaks and peaks. Songshan is too Mount Tai, West is less Murong, each with thirty-six peaks, Fengfeng famous, Shaolin Temple in the less dense bamboo forest five peaks, hence the name "Shaolin."
There are foreigners to Shaolin monks, Costa Rica brother
Tallinn, Shaolin Temple Tallinn is the monk of Shaolin Temple graves, Buddhist monks after the death of the prestigious, their ashes or bones into the underground palace, above the tower, in order to show merit. The level of the tower, the size and the number of layers, mainly based on the monk's lifetime experience of Buddhism, the level of prestige, the size of merit to decide. Different levels of the tower, generally one to seven, the height of about l5 meters below the shape of a square, hexagonal, octagonal; have a cylinder, vertebral body; a linear, parabolic; Shaped, Pavilions Tower, Miyan Tower, Pavilion Tower, Lama Tower, Tower Mansion, Monument Tower. A wide range of forms Qi Yan, the tower is a representative of all historical periods, is a comprehensive study of China's ancient architecture, calligraphy, sculpture of the treasure house.

Dharma Temple
Fawang Temple is the beginning of Mount Songshan, it is quiet and peaceful temples, the temple has an ancient tower, lush trees, is a good place for practice. Feel much better than the commercialized Shaolin Temple

Jun peak
There are quite a few famous Chinese mountains in the world. Mount Huangshan, Mount Lushan and Mount Emei in Huangshan, Mount Huangshan, and Huangshan in the private areas do not look at Yuezhi's claim. It is not without reason that these five mountains are regarded as "Yue". Take the East, West and Middle Sacred Mountains, are located in the mother river shore of the Yellow River, the Yellow River is the cradle of our Chinese nation, is the ancestors of the earliest Chinese settlers and prosperity. Although the Five Sacred Mountains are not the steepest mountains in our country, they all rise above the plains or the basins, which makes them particularly precarious. The Book of Songs contains such verses as "Taishan rock, Lupine," "Song Gao Weiyue, Chunyueyutian", etc. It can be seen that Mount Tai and Songshan are in the minds of the ancients. There seems to be a lot of surprises in Zhongyue Songshan, but it seems to be highlighted in the word "Austrian": the world of "heaven and earth" covered by economy, culture, art, religion and science and technology in Zhongyue Mountain Historical and cultural heritage, "Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism," the three religions blend, "heaven, earth, and people" competing brilliantly, "mountain, temple, appearance" complement each other. Dongyue Taishan, Xiyue Mountain Huashan, Nanyue Hengshan show, Beiyue Hengshan quiet, Zhongyue Songshan Jun, Taishan sitting, Huashan Ruoli, Hengshan flying, such as Hengshan, Songshan such as lying. Already famous in the world. 9:00 am up the mountain, 6:30 pm down the mountain, the first Wu Yue conquest of life, to lay the foundation for climbing the Huashan back. Columbia University to climb the end of the Five Sacred Mountains of China

Songshan peak for the sky, but only the wild can climb, the so-called is the route ALICE. Now the highest peak for tourists is the peak Jun peak, known as high-dimensional Yue Song, Jun extremely in Tianyi said. The general uphill is from the Songyang Academy or Temple of Fame, and then down from the waterfall Lu Ya

extremely peak when the weather just genial, cloudless, is a good travel mountaineering weather. Songshan is not high, but it is very long, Songshan lying as lying is not a false name, a long time is spent on the mountain walking

Songyang College
Journey, find the most real self. The happiest encounter with friends from all walks of life, can recognize different things, can contact different things, can see the most beautiful scenery, this is the meaning of travel.
The last stop of this journey is Songyang College, which is a place where history and culture are merged. It is also a World Cultural Heritage Site. It is not far from Dengfeng city. The bus can be reached, which is not very big. Some old photos are very good.


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