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Chengdu city walk May1st-4th
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This time in Labors vacation of China, I just made a walk around Chengdu.

Could HiChina Travel find a new way to upload?

it is way too torching for me to upload.....

1. Jinli 锦里, the Zhugeliang's crossbow

Zhuge Liang was regarded as god of intelligence in China.

he was born in 3-kingdom's age of China, around Hadrian's age of Roman Empire, that China went in chaos and divided in 3 kingdoms after that.

Zhugeliang, he invented Zhuge Crossbow that could continuously shooting 10 arrows without reloading, though accuracy's not that good, but imagine, if soldiers on battlefield of ancient times could fire with 20 times of arrow than enemies, that would be a great advantage I think.

2. "Warriors march"壮士出川 statue in People's park, central of Chengdu city.

This is the Statue that memorizing soldiers died in WW2. During the whole war, Sichuan conscripted over 3500000 soldiers and 650000 of them died on battlefield.
we are using old rifles, we are wearing straw sandals, facing the strongest army in Asia, the Imperial Japanese Army,
But we never surrender.

3.sunrise in Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, is that good?

4. the "Death" flag in Sichuan Museum.

also, in WW2 a father from Sichuan sending his son to Chinese army, and wrote a big "Death" on a white cotton cloth. words says "I do not wanting you to stay in front of me, I want you to stay loyal to China and its people"

"there's catastrophe upon us, that Japs invading China and we are facing danger of annihilation. I am too old to serve my country, so I urge you, my son, to join the army. this cloth will help you clean your body, and cover you when you died. DO NOT Retreat. your dad"

5. Renmin Gongyuan People's Park of Chengdu

I love this city for its lazy atmosphere

people in Chengdu's having a cup of tea everywhere

local elders gathers for a volunteer playing

also in people's park

that Sichuan Baolu Yundong (Rail-saving movement)

it is said when 1911, Qing Empire of China, that people gathered their capital funding for an own railway,but transferred to Britain & France at no cost, so people in Sichuan made a great uprising and indirectly supported revolution in Wuhan(yeah that's why Wuhan's guidebook is a soldier)

7.Qingyang Gong 青羊宫 Green Goat Palace

it is actually a Taoist temple in Chengdu city center.

well I do not know much on religions but this places is a good one for mediation.

Ba Gua (Taichi pavilion)

8 corners are made as representatives of Ba Gua, 8 elements of IChing

8.Hot Pot!!

from locals it is said that Xiao Long Kan小龙坎 hot pot's quite famous among them, but as foreigner visitors might not know what to order

I gonna find a hot pot menu sometimes.

a Hot pot a day keeps doctors away.

to be continued


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