When you travelling around China, you definitely need to know some apps that can help you during your stay in China. So these are the most useful...

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Wechat also known as Weixin (in chinese), the most popular social platform in China. Everyone uses this app in daily life. It’s not only a platform for social contact but also a platform for making payments, as it is called Wechat Wallet.

So Wechat’s main function is instant messaging by sending text and voice messages and making phone and video calls to friends no matter where they are, for free or to be connected to the internet. You can also share photos in moments, promoting your business accounts by creating official groups where you can share news and ads.

You can pay by Wechat Wallet in most of places like stores, cafe’s and taxi’s, and buy everything online as well, like booking hotels, tickets and etc. It’s quite comfortable to use it, if you don’t have any cash just pay by Wechat Wallet.

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These are one of the best language-learning apps. If you can't read things such as menus, signs, or can't translate a tourist attraction name into Chinese. You can either input using pinyin, or you can draw out characters in order to translate them. The dictionary from English into Chinese is also very good.


Most of travellers of China can’t speak chinese as well as most of chinese people can’t speak english. So here there is a problem, how can they get along with it? We think we know the way how to solve it, just need to download at your smartphones these apps: Pleco and Trainchinese.

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One of the popular sites of travelling in China is Ctrip. It is a Chinese provider for travel services including accomodation reservation, booking transportation tickets, package tours and corporate travel management. The app is supported on 14 languages: English, Korean, Japanese, German, Russian, French and etc. So don’t worry while booking something, this application can help you immediately.

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Most of local people or expats are using Baidu map or Gaode map apps. But unfortunately, it’s only supported on chinese language, english is unavailable.

So for recommendation it’s better to use Maps app on Iphone or Google maps. But mind please, google-powered service is disturbed and blocked. In most situations you can not access to its map service.

So Maps app is quite a good alternative to Google map, it can navigate exactly to the place you are looking for with up-to-date database and accurate directions guide.

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China Metro

China Metro has a huge collection of subway maps from cities through China, whether you're travelling to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, or even smaller cities like Harbin, Wuhan, Hangzhou and etc. Even more conveniently, it also has information for Singapore, Hong Kong and Taipei if you're travelling off the mainland.

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Didi is a chinese application for getting taxi. The fee can be taken off your international card or chinese card, it's very simple and cheaper than using normal taxis. It can be also paid by Wechat Wallet and Alipay. Recently, Didi app bought Uber (China) and now it can be called as one general app for getting taxis. The driver will be able to find you based on the pin you have dropped at your location.

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Virtual Private Networks, or VPN for short, is the most important app that you should use when travel to China. No need to use VPN if you travel to Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan, there it’s not blocked. Only in Mainland China many world famous websites Google, Youtube, Gmail, and social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Viber are all blocked.

Since you may have to use any of these apps as you main way of keeping in touch with friends and family. In order to access these services either for sharing your experience or avoiding any worry or confusion of your friends and family, you need have a reliable VPN service to unlock these blocked services. It’s better to download VPN apps before going to China. The variety of VPNs inapplestore and googlemarket is plenty. One of the pupular are Astrill, Express VPN but they are not free, as for free you can use Tunnelbear, Betternet, 91 VPN and etc.

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Mobike app operates in 9 cities in China today. It is founded on the idea that bicycles can provide a cheap, easy and environmentally friendly way to navigate China’s urban areas and that the proliferation of smartphones should allow people to use bikes where and when they want. Mobike makes use of GPS to allow its bikes to left anywhere in a city. The company’s mobile app helps locate available bikes, which can be unlocked by scanning a QR code that is presented on each bike. The fee is 1 RMB per 30 minutes.

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