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The last Shangri-la in Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture / Shuttle bus and hotel

Commonly the price includes

  • Bus ticket
  • Hotel(s)
  • Bus travel insurances

The price excludes

  • Price gap on upgrading flights/trains/hotels by customers
  • Tour guides (we are offering free tour without a guide)
  • Single Supplement: for travelers that reserving in single numbers
  • Personal consume during the trip
  • Lost due to Force Majeure as earthquake, natural disaster, strike, wars, etc


  • Ordering within 15 days before the departure date may cause extra cost
  • To contact the customer care before you pay
  • We are offering free travel packages chosen from our suppliers, when a tailor-made travel package is needed, please contact our customer service
  • E-mail: customerservice@hichinatrip.com
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Pay with:

Most of the room we produce is for two people or double number of people. If you select the Traveler option for odd number of person, the price may change a bit.

Places to Go


Yading National Reserve in Shangri-la Town, Daocheng County 稻城亚丁

Xinduqiao 新都桥

Yading National Reserve in Daocheng County 稻城亚丁, Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture 甘孜藏族自治州 is the last Sharing-la in Tibet area. Many visitors would be confused that why there exist two Sharing-la on earth. One is in Yunnan Province, the other one is in Garzê, Sichuan Province. But actually they are one and they are close to each other. But there are huge mountains between them. Both of them are excellent. Daocheng County owns the world's highest airport and you can also go by air. There are public buses from Chengdu to Daocheng, so we will also write a guidebook for self-travelers soon. You can make a choice between taking the public bus personally and buying this group package. Here are the details.

Day 1 Chengdu - Ya'an City - Tianquan County - Luding County - Kangding City - Xinduqiao County

07:00, get on the bus at Broad-Narrow Alley 宽窄巷子 (in the front of Shufengyuan 蜀风园 Hotel at Xisheng Street, Chengdu).

10:30, brief stop at Tianquan 天全 County for 30 minutes. Lunch time.

15:00, brief stop at Luding 泸定 County for 30 minutes.

17:00, pass the Zheduo Mountain 折多山.

19:30, arrive at Xinduqiao 新都桥 County, check in the Xiangyun Hotel 祥云酒店.

Day 2 Xinduqiao County - Yajiang County - Litang County - Daocheng County

08:00, get on the bus.

10:00, arrive at Yajiang 雅江 County, brief stop at the Eighteen Bends of Tibet Road if there is no traffic jam.

13:00, arrive at the Litang 理塘 County, lunch time.

18:00, arrive at Daocheng 稻城 County, check in the Jimo Hotel 迹墨酒店.

Day 3 Daocheng County - Shangri-la Town

07:00, get on the bus.

09:00, arrive at Shangri-la 香格里拉 Town, check in the Yading Yizhan Hotel 亚丁驿站.

09:30, go to the Yading 亚丁 National Reserve.

17:00, back to hotel.

Day 4 Shangri-la Town - Daocheng County

Free day in Yading.

16:10, get on the bus at the hotel.

17:00, arrive at Daocheng County, check in the Jimo Hotel.

Day 5 Daocheng County - Litang County - Yajiang County - Xinduqiao County

08:00, get on the bus.

14:00, arrive at Yajiang County, lunch time.

17:00, arrive at Xinduqiao County, check in the Xiangyun Hotel.

Day 6 Xinduqiao County - Tagong Village - Kangding County - Luding County - Tianquan County - Ya'an City - Chengdu

07:00, get on the bus.

08:00, brief stop at Tagong Village. You can visit the Tibet Tagong Temple 塔公寺 and the prairie.

12:00, arrive at Kangding 康定 County, lunch time.

17:30, brief stop at Ya'an City.

19:30, arrive at Broad-Narrow Alley 宽窄巷子 (in the front of Shufengyuan 蜀风园 Hotel at Xisheng Street, Chengdu).

Hotel & Transportation

Xiangyun Hotel 祥云酒店

Jimo Hotel 迹墨酒店

Yading Yizhan Hotel 亚丁驿站



1. No children younger than 6 years. No people above 75 years old. We can't take them to Yading for safety insurance and the high altitude of Yading. We're sorry about that.

2. Child who is 6 to 12 years old can buy a cheap child ticket. The child ticket price is 104 USD.

3. Hotels in Tibetan area offer electric blankets for visitors. Some hotels don't have air conditioners.

4. The restaurants and food in Tibetan area are not as good as cities like Chengdu, Shanghai and so on. Be prepared for it. Take some snacks and water with you.

5. Take some medicinal drugs with you to prevent altitude stress if you come to Tibetan area for the first time.

6. The price includes a Travel Insurance up to 200,000 RMB for every traveler.

How to Refund

1. People can apply for refund four days before the departure date. No Loss Fee.

2. People can apply for refund two days before the departure date. However, 50% Loss Fee will be charged.

3. People can also apply for refund one day before the departure date. However, 100% Loss Fee will be charged.

Refund Example

If the departure date is May 15th, then an application for refund in and before May 11th is acceptable, an application for refund in May 12th, 13th will be charged 50% Loss Fee, an application for refund in May 14th will be charged our 100% Loss Fee.

Termination Agreement

As it's a group package, we have the rights to cancel this trip if the group is less than 15 persons. If the group couldn't reach 15 persons one day before the departure date, we will send you a cancel notice at the same time and you will receive a full refund.

Making Your Reservation to China Trip

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