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Hi,China tsctitle_up(无资料)Guiyang to Southeast Guizhou Batik Travel / Bus / 7 Days / For 1 person

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Commonly the price includes

  • Bus ticket
  • Hotel(s)
  • Bus travel insurances

The price excludes

  • Price gap on upgrading flights/trains/hotels by customers
  • Tour guides (we are offering free tour without a guide)
  • Single Supplement: for travelers that reserving in single numbers
  • Personal consume during the trip
  • Lost due to Force Majeure as earthquake, natural disaster, strike, wars, etc


  • Ordering within 15 days before the departure date may cause extra cost
  • To contact the customer care before you pay
  • We are offering free travel packages chosen from our suppliers, when a tailor-made travel package is needed, please contact our customer service
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  • WeChat Official Account: Tripseres
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Mostly the room style is twin room for two people. If you select the Traveler option for odd number of person, the price may change a bit.

Places to Go


Day 1 at Guiyang

Stuff will pick you up from Guiyang High-Speed Railway & Airport to the hotel, and travelers will be free to visit Qianling Mount in Guiyang.

for more information on walking in Guiyang please download our guidebook

Day 2 Guiyang- Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village

after breakfast we are heading to Xijiang Miao Village, and check in local minority style hotel

and feel free in this gorgeous village!

(for environmental protection that people have to move luggage from the village gate)

and in Xijiang, you will experience the procedure of making Miao Batik!

There will be batik masters that teaching you hand by hand, hope you are making one piece of your own!

D3 Xijiang Village- Rongjiang

Rongjiang is a small Dong village near Xijiang, then 2 nations lived here for hundreds of years and developed their own way of life.

there you will experience different nations life together and stay in harmony.

D4 Rongjiang- BiaSha Miao village.

It pronounced "BiaSha" in Miao language but "BaSha" in Chinese, but both make people understand.

There people will be trying to understand, why locals are showing bravery by using a sickle to shave?

Local Hmongs are permitted to hunt by rifles.

Day 5 BiaSha-Zhaoxing

After breakfast we are departing from BiaSha to Zhaoxing, and have a cozy day there!

Day6 Zhaoxing-Xiasi Town.

Xiasi Town is a small town on previous commercial routes

though it is a small town, also a good place to spend a day, dancing with the locals.

Day7 going back to Guiyang

Depart from 8 in the morning, straight to the Airport/HSR station and going back

Hotel & Transportation

This package does not include flight/HSR from your city, when it is needed we are offering extra service to order the proper one for you.

Hotels are well chosen and considering flexibility & facilities

here's hotel room in Guiyang for example

and when people are going to Asian minorities area that hotels are chosen to express local characteristics

here's example for hotel in Zhaoxing:

when rooms are not available we are choosing same level hotels for our customer.

1.Our receipts are from travel agency, they are sent to your address in 2 working days; when customer are getting a hotel receipt, we are delivering in 28 working days after applying.
2.Price on this page is for travelers in pairs, for those who are traveling in single numbers, prices are different.
3.It is the price with as least 5 days booking before your departure.
4.When customers finished paying for package, that started the process of our booking, please set the confirmation letter as the final confirmation.
5.Prices of flights & hotels varies often, we will guarantee instant price before booking.
6.When package is denied to use because of customer's cheating, we are receiving 100% of the order as penalty.
7.According to Chinese aviation rules, customers have to bring valid ID certificates(passport) when traveling.
8.Flight number may be uncertain, and it will be confirmed after connected to customer services.
9.Flights and hotels are discount ones, once ordered that cannot be cancelled.

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