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Xinjiang is blowing in the wind out of suspicions
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What's on my mind when someone mentions Xinjiang? Chaos? Conflicts? Undeveloped? BBQ? Here are some photos when I walked across the whole Xinjiang, from the capital city Urumqi, to the distant mountains and small villages far away.

I walked through the Kashgar market, happened to meet the children after school, running in the small alley.

A girl hugging the sheep of her family.

Mate, you have an excellent gift! He is the elder brother of the girl.

She, her brother and her mother.

Here is the lake of Bayinbuluke.

Passing the road through Tianshan Mountains.

This is a beautiful place. There is not only BBQ here. And they have modern life, not ancient tribes.

I think it's ok for me, a native Xinjiang man, to take photos and show the present Xinjiang to the world.

Do you know Dutaer? This is a common music show in Urumqi market. I'm sure every Xinjianger can sing when selling in the market.

Aha, this, is not a show. It was also taken in the market. She was sewing a cloth, I thought the scene is so beautiful. She just rose her head when I took it. She has eyes just as beautiful as sky.

The eagles here live with local people well. People train them to look after the sheep, to be the watchers to defense wild monsters. And eagles must be released when they are over 3 years old. That's a rule to protect eagles and to keep the balance of nature. And the eagles also have free time to get married and to multiply their groups.

This is my hometown, Xijiang. This is my heaven and I live here.

Any Comments? Wanna find someone to go with?

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