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Those great moments when I was traveling in China
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By Peter-Zj

The stone pagodas in the West Lake of Hangzhou city.

Shanghai. This one should be taken at Suzhou river bay. But the security staff just stopped us. So, we chose another high building farther, and it turns out to be more beautiful. Um, magic day.

it is a different spot as you can see, far from the famous, crowded bund. I ran across this European building and found it‘s quite amazing. Unfortunately, I didn't take my bugeye lens. I have no way to take the whole building. That's just the top floor, the birds and Lujiazui skyscrapers. Hope I can have the opportunity to take another one.

I love this one so much. It was taken at the Shanghai Lingkong SOHO. There happens to be just two people standing in the center of the screen, giving a yearning for the future and vision.

Shanghai, Huanqiugang.

It is the first time I climb the high stairs. I know it according to the coordinates of map worm on the great God to seek. It is shot at an unfully opened window. There are limitations. But this picture is my love. Shanghai skyscrapers, high-rise buildings in the meandering viaduct and all in all, the prosperity of Shanghai.

Dalian city. This beautiful city around the sea,looks more magic when it's going to rain at the National Day.

The  stairway. It's shot in my master's office house. Pure, clean, beautiful, isn't it?

Aha, everyone knows it, the classic Shanghai bund.

This photo was taken at the street corner of Shanghai. I photoshoped it to make a reflection on the virtual mirror.

Here comes my favorite one. Happened to hear of it from my friends and it really shocked me when the photo came out.

Hangzhou again. Just just breathtaking.

Haha, on the classroom roof of my university.

Next time might be different, but still, to take photos for the wonderful and beautiful world.

Thank you!

Any Comments? Wanna find someone to go with?
AlexanderLee 2017-03-26 13:50:37
Already set as digest
Gal 2017-04-07 17:57:25
Every spot is just so so great! Especially Hangzhou!
RonaNarciso 2017-05-03 17:06:39

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