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Guizhou, known as a province "OF GARDENS" in China, sounds interesting, isn't it? Um, all gardens? How would it be like? I think it means a very natural place. That attracts me. I went to Guizhou in August, shocked by the amazing nature and beautiful tribes of Miao people. And, it brought me a cold summer instead of the hot Guangzhou, everyone knows how hot Guangzhou's summer is. Here, share some photos. I can still feel the cool atmosphere from these photos when posting them.

Libo is the first destination of my trip. It's a water land, trees growing in water, people living around the water, and water flowing everywhere.

It rains a lot in summer, really a lot. But when the day comes to be sunny, everything becomes stunning!

It didn't rain when I arrived. The train from Guangzhou to Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou province, took five hours. It's a bullet train. Then I transferred to Libo.

This is ticket office.

This Tianshengqiao is about 70 meters high I guess. Actually it's a result of Karst, limestone eroded by water through thousands of years.

This is Xiaoqikong, a part of Xiangshui River, which is at least 12 kilometers long. It's a subterranean stream, now coming out on the ground in Guizhou, fantastic!

So beautiful and clean water.

Boating here is a little expensive, 120 Yuan per hour, 20 Yuan for an extra hour. But after I tried it, i think the cost is quite worth. It's called Yuanyang Hu(Lake), but actually it's still a part of the river.

Though it rained heavily, but it can't stop me taking these magic moments and beautiful photos.

The Cuigu waterfall is just at the end of Yuanyang Lake. It's the upstream of Xiangshui river, the original place where the river comes from.

This is a tourist bus station, 100 meters ahead, so a little crowded here.

The dinner is great, according to HCT guidebook, Sour Soup Fish is really great!

The night comes. I will be in the tribes of Miao people and Congjiang, Xijiang, Zhenyuan, the Southeast Guizhou a few days later if everything goes well. I will share it here too. God bless. I am starting to love my choice. :)

Any Comments? Wanna find someone to go with?
QuintusLee 2017-09-06 23:49:54
already set as digest
Orig002 2017-09-07 20:48:56
Great! how could I go there?
Porchie989 2017-09-08 18:46:59
How do I get there from Shanghai? I am planning to go somewhere in October first

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