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My weekend plan to a Kungfu island and an impressed Buddha island
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I lives in Ningbo. In my weekend plan, I am going to Dongji Island and Mount Putuo first. But actually I'm late for the ship at 6:00 am. The fisherman tells me the next boat to Dongji starts at 11:30 am. ##*** The ship will cost at least 2 hours on the sea. Well, if I buy this ticket, that should be the end of the day when I arrive. So, why not another island? I know its name is Taohua, named after the great Kungfu novel of Jinyong. It's not far. The only problem is that Taohua has too many man-made buildings. I doubt it a lot before I reach Taohua Island.

But Taohua doesn't let me down. It impresses me actually when I get on the island.

My next stop is Mount Putuo, a famous buddha island in the east sea of China, listed as one of the Four Buddha Mounts long ago. I get up early in Sunday, doesn't miss the ship luckily.

It's beautiful than any of the islands that I have ever been. And more in more, it has a peaceful religious atmosphere with so many buddhists and non-Buddhists doing worship, beautiful architectural buildings with red walls and golden, blue, green roofs.

There is a Buddhist college close by, in Zhujiajian Island, a middle island between the mainland and Mount Putuo. It's a nice place without visitors but only students of Buddha.

This is the hotel. Not too bad I think.

Dinner here at Ayong Seafood. It's a new restaurant, nice and clean with a discount.

Three dishes, too many for one, but ok for two. Anyway, I can pack and take all back.

Here is the port, a very good and modern dock.

Well, as many people know Mount Putuo, but just a few of them know Taohua island. I think there should be guidebook for this island. It's very beautiful though it might not be as famous as its neighbor Putuo. Here are more photos of Taohua Island.

The view from the top is quite stunning.

Super good sound of the waves here.

Seafood market in Shenjiamen, good.

Here are photos the next day when going to Mount Putuo.

I get on the ship first and follow other Chinese visitors to the tour bus station. Told that bus is available before 4:00 pm. So, don't be too late.

The architectural style here is complex, with the art of north palace, and the southern China old town atmosphere. It looks similar with the Palace Museum in Beijing, but different in details. For example, high building are not allowed in old Beijing palace. But you can see lots of towers in Putuo. Some of them look like Tibetan style too.

It's the cableway in Putuo, a good choice to take a clear look at the island from air. 40 Yuan for one turn. The ticket office closes at 4:30 pm. That's enough for me.

Huiji Temple is built in Ming Dynasty, at least 500 years ago. It's beautiful and it attracts the most visitors.

The bedrooms for monks here are quiet compared with the crowded outside.

There is a nice place on the back of Huiji Temple, a watcher point.

Downstairs are beautiful too. I love the green path.

A lot of buddhists bow down on their knees and keep doing this up to the Huiji Temple. Well, I walk down and get to feel tired. I can't image how hard it is for them.

The foot of the mount.

The Fayu Temple is here, along with the edge of the island. The sound of waves far from the distant sea comes here with a low and vigorous voice.

Any Comments? Wanna find someone to go with?
skyer1 2017-08-30 15:13:59
I love it! Gonna go this September. Putuo has long been a must visit place in my wishlist. And the Taohua island you have been to is so amazing too. I will go.
iceriver 2017-08-30 18:52:23
Reply skyer1:Glad for your message. Hope you enjoy your journey. :)

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