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The aesthetic Chenzhou at the border of Hunan and Guangzhou
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This is a magnificent place with low-key. Everything looks like a traditional Chinese painting. It's at the border of Hunan, actually, close to the west side of Guangzhou. I love the peace and serenity here.

Well, it has a name hard to remember and difficult to write in Chinese, Chenzhou 郴州. It doesn't matter. I love this place, as beautiful as Guizhou, natural, less commercial.

4:00 am. It's a good time to visit Xiaodongjiang river or maybe it's too early, but worth it.

Fresh air of nature, green trees, white fog, and the down flowing river... The tour bus took me to the deep mountains.

Here is the way to the Dongjiang Dam, which is the most distant attraction. Taking the two-wheel taxi is a good choice.

We passed a waterfall, a Hougushan waterfall before we arrived at the dam.

It's the world's second largest dam in 1997, China’s largest dam before the Three Gorge Dam was built.

The up road is to the Longjing Gorge area, with 26 small waterfalls and 18 deep pools.

Eating matters.

The salmon in Dongjiang river is better than Norway, I think. Fresh and well-cooked in Chinese style.

The rice noodle in Chenzhou, is very impressed, awesome even before I start, just looking at it makes me feel hungry so much.

The rice noodle is very nice and cheap, just 8 Yuan. The chicken is also great, fresh and springy. And it's sold by the jin(1/2 kilogram), 30 yuan for a great meal, absolutely enough for one man.

Any Comments? Wanna find someone to go with?
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