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Trip to China's northernmost province
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The cold weather never stops my passion to travel around.

Harbin Hagia Sophia Church

Harbin Ice and Snow World is still open. It's said it will not close till the end of March. Million of natives joined the activity to build hundreds of huge ice architectures in Harbin, which makes it an impressive scenery.

In 1957, a heavy flood hit Harbin. People built a monument after they fought through the hard period. This monument was designed by the Soviet Union and local architects.

The Zhongyang Street, is the central street of Harbin, is also a prosperous shopping mall.

This is the Songhua River. People play games on the frozen water.

This is taken inside the Hagia Sophia Church.

After visiting Harbin, we have four days left, so we start to take the train to Arctic Village in Mohe. It's the most northern city in China. 

This is taken in front of the Mohe Railway Station. Since it's Chinese spring festival, there are not too many Chinese travelers here. We spend one day in Mohe, and have our another three days in Dandong and Jilin.

Dandong is right the city on the border of China and North Korea. This is the old railway bridges connecting the two countries. But after the UN Security Council enacted the embargo regulation on North Korea, this railway seems being abandoned. Some iron rails is falling into the river. No train goes through the bridge for a whole day.

In winter, experienced Chinese travelers would recommend a very great seasonal sight in Jilin. The steam of Songhua River is frozen on the tree leaves. But it's not a normal frozen ice, it looks more like tiny, white and long needle on the tree leaves.

I'm not good at writing a travel story. So I just post some photos of the places that I have been. According to the advice of Hi China Travel, I book the right train tickets and spend few money on transportation and hotels. All hotels are the recommended chain hotels. They are nice. The total cost is around 1000 Yuan. I am planing my next trip too, want to bask in the sun on the Lhasa square.

Any Comments? Wanna find someone to go with?
Richard Dawkins 2018-03-02 17:39:25
Richard Dawkins 2018-03-02 17:41:08
Harbin, Mohe, Dandong, Jilin, all of them are wonderful! I love them. This is very useful to me as I was planing a trip in China recently.
AnneLisbethJack 2018-03-19 18:30:00
2018 the biggest and most bright spot in Harbin in the new spring is the world of ice and snow. They all say that the night scenery is the most beautiful, but in the daytime it brought great shock to the southerners. The beauty of looking at it was pure and transparent. It was a little vulgar after the light in the evening.
C 2018-03-19 18:45:54
Super large exhibition, quite a shock, to the time to catch up with the opening ceremony of the ice festival, it put a lot of beautiful fireworks when we were there, really was an international exhibition.

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